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I'm the one who just locked your thread.

Here's a FAQ for you to not read:

What do Moderators actually do?

We police the forums, addressing flagged comments and threads, and remove any hostile or inappropriate behavior from the site. We also review and approve wiki submissions, police the chat during live shows, hunt spambots, and generally just rock around being incredibly awesome. And sexy.

There's a guy being a dick, why haven't you banned him yet?

Contrary to popular belief, the moderators do not possess a collective spidey-sense that goes off whenever someone breaks the rules. If you see someone being a twat, flag their comment or PM a moderator. There's a button you can press to PM all mods at the same time. Go and find it.

It was you. You were the guy being a dick.

Yeah. Irony, right?

Do you get paid?

In smiles and handjobs. No actual money though - all moderators are volunteers, giving up their free time to help out the staff. Some of us even have real jobs, for when we aren't moderating. For example, I'm a VFX artist working on feature films in London. Also I drink a lot.

What's a VFX artist?

In the words of Matt Kessler, I "make the graphics". Whenever you see something in a film that doesn't actually exist, we put it there.

Can I be a moderator?


Do you ever actually play any videogames?

Not as often as I'd like. Dota and Kentucky Route Zero are my weapons of choice. You can read all about it over on my blog.

Thanks, Sweep.

You're welcome.