Best of 2010

Sweep: Best of 2010 
I should probably add that these are in no particular order. These are merely the 10 games I think deserve recognition from the past 12 months. Mass Effect 2 being at the top is completely coincidental ;)

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Posted by Spacetrucking
Posted by Sweep
@Killjoi said:
" Does this make Mass Effect 2 your GOTY ? Because an erudite English chap once said: there is no game of the year.  :p "
Ha, naw I just threw these down as I remembered them, Mass Effect 2 is at the top purely by coincidence. If I was going to pick my favourite game from this year it would probably be Dead Rising 2 but I would also openly concede that it's not GoTY material. 
Also I had a look at steam and apparently I have played over 80 hours of Bad Company 2. That's... a lot. And I haven't even got vietnam yet!
Posted by DeusDonutDuff

I totally agree with you on Dead Rising 2.  I can't place my finger

 on why just a absolute fun game to play all around. It was great

to see somebody have it high up on there 2010 list.