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Great article Patrick, but one thing that is absent, understandably so because I'm sure they'd have no official comment, is the position of the app store owners (Apple, Google) that enable and benefit from this plagiarism.

In the past you have commented that Steam should open it's gates, despite every precedent in existence demonstrating this leads to a nearly unmanageable market full of clones and terrible games, and despite two companies full of very smart people not being able to suitably solve the problem. Software stores having an active approval process might mean some deserving games have a harder time reaching a larger audience than they should, but it also serves as a bulwark against games that are stealing the work of others or scamming consumers. Perhaps investigating this matter changed your opinion on unregulated markets a bit.

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Vinny currently has 46 hours recorded in Manga maker ComiPo!

He's either making an extensive Persona 4 doujin...or he left it running over the weekend.

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Despite this event, I forsee "Halo Collection" - a Windows 9, DirectX 12 exclusive :)

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@minivan said:

Doubt it means anything new is "going on at Microsoft." They used the game to get people to try the Windows 8 store. Now everyone who was going to buy it there has bought it and they decided to make the game available to more people, and make more money. Makes sense.

Even if delayed, it showing up on another store still undermines their store. Especially for people who would have otherwise preferred to buy it elsewhere, and ended up buying it from the Windows store thinking it would never come to other services.

Both this and the fact that they they're willing to let go GFWL signals a potential shift in ideology to: "We care more about selling our products than we do forcing you to get on systems we control (well, as long as you're still using Windows)."

This is kind of a big deal because of the things that several industry people (notably Gabe Newell) have spoken about at length is how the Windows App store being an integral part of Windows 8 is ultimately bad for the PC business. Microsoft was clearly trying to "own" app sales on their platform in the same way that the two mobile OS companies do. Maybe this is one thing that, on some limited basis, signals a change in that strategy...or maybe I'm reading too much into it.

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Was browsing the Coming Soon on Steam and I see this: http://store.steampowered.com/app/277430/

Now obviously this isn't notable for the game itself, but I never expected this would be sold anywhere other than the Windows App store. Makes me wonder what's going on at Microsoft.

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A+++ would read again.

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Regardless of Facebook, it's depressing that it seems the only goal of entrepreneurs in the tech industry is basically just get a product to a point where they can sell it to a corporate entity and retire before 40 instead of truly caring about what they're company is doing and building an institution.

Take the game developers sold to EA that Patrick references and look no further than Bioware. The doctors built from nothing what grew into a highly respected developer and at the height of their popularity, a time when it would be easy for that company to be self-sustaining, they sold to EA in an $800 million deal and cashed out 2 years later. They abandoned their baby for a paycheck. And if Bioware doesn't continue their downward slide in the hearts and minds of folks, I'll be shocked. It's depressing to see this happen over and over and over.

This is why Gabe Newell is basically the greatest person in the gaming industry. It would have been so easy for him to just sell Valve to some publisher after Half-Life let alone at any point in the last 5 years with the exceptional success of Steam and retire. Instead he built and continues to build his own institution, which revolutionized the PC game industry and, it can be debated, even saved it. No one has ever said that about a tech company that from the outset had the goal of being acquired.

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Same for other Firefox users.

There's a workaround, after the video fails to load, right click in video area -> Play. Seems to be a Firefox problem and not a Giant Bomb problem.

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So I discovered that after the video fails to load, you can right click in the video area -> Play and then it will played.

Seems like Firefox doesn't like something about how the videos initialize from the player sometimes and must be manually told to start the video.

Weird that this seemingly happens at random, but it's probably a Firefox problem and at least there's a manual workaround that isn't too much of a hassle.