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I have to admit, seeing Jenn Frank forced to quit after all these years really hurt.

As a person who is generally most (-constructively-!) critical toward causes I agree with, I've come to feel like the perpetuation of this soul-crushing cycle might only be avoidable in the future if prominent voices in the debate find a way to focus on praising positive examples of their causes, and less on denigrating/attacking/"shaming" negative examples on the other side.

As demonstrated in modern history over a range of two-sided social issues, treating people on the other side like the enemy (whether with open contempt, direct condemnation, or even indirect condescension) makes them want to reciprocate, and be your enemy. It gives them an excuse.

Yup well said, and I hope this eventually happens. The thing that bugs me about the social criticism movement in games is that it's almost universally negative, or at least that's the impression I take away from most authors with a few exceptions (Cara Ellison being one of them, she strikes a nice balance). It's almost always complaining in tone and not constructive. It's also sometimes judgmental and insulting towards creators themselves. How about sometimes positively highlighting games that get it "right" and not always writing about how someone's work is "wrong"?

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What is with Polygon these days? The other day they had something saying Riot doesn't have to beg for money like Valve does. It was not sourced and probably misquoted and completely inflammatory.

They've basically discarded the entire pretense that they're seeking to change the face of game journalism and have emerged from the chrysalis having completed their transformation into Kotaku 2.0.

Yup. Controversy generates hits and pays the bills. It also gets people to read your work in a field where egoism is part and parcel with the job (because it takes a certain amount of self-importance to build a career around the assumption that your opinions are worth listening to).

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The Witcher 1 is not a good game.

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Damn Chris Waters for teasing us. Otherwise it would have been a secret and we wouldn't all be waiting on pins and needles as to when we're going to get the shenanigans.

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Hope the ports are alright. Does Konami have much history with PC ports?

Metal Gear Rising Revengence and Castlevania Lords of Shadow both had fairly well done PC versions.

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Unless all prior Metal Gear games also come to PC, not interested, as that's not a universe I feel one can just "jump into".

I played Meta Gear Solid on a PS1, but missed all the others.

Still, cool that more Japanese companies are making PC ports now. If only Bayonetta 1 & 2 would make it to PC.

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There's enough downtime in Mario Party games that they could play like 3 simultaneously, which would be awesome, but also probably too hectic to allow for proper griefing.

Also if something is actually happening, I really wish they would advertise this stuff on the ticker.

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Remember Me was my Binary Domain for 2013 - meaning a very good game that was underrated (which is generally term I hate because it implies superiority of opinion, but that's exactly what I'm doing in this case) by professional critics because they couldn't look past the fact that it's fighting mechanics weren't as good as the watermark for the genre (namely Batman).

It had a fantastic setting, an interesting story, and easily one the top 3 best soundtracks of 2013.

It also featured a female protagonist (of mixed racel no less) who was intelligent, strong, and attractive but not overly sexualized; yet not a one of the "feminist" games journalists who have made names for themselves by incessantly complaining about and criticizing the industry had anything (positive or negative) to say about the game - probably because they don't generate site hits by saying nice things.

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The Room 1 & 2 are two of four games I consider worthwhile compared to console and PC games (the others being Year Walk and Ridiculous Fishing). I bought an overpriced iPad over an equivalent Android tablet pretty much because of game exclusives (stuff like Infinity Blade) and found all of them to unfortunately be crap to drive in-game purchases that far, far exceed the fair value of the game (stuff like Infinite Blade...)

That said, regarding pursuit of profit - I was rather disappointed that The Room 2 didn't have any accelerometer (device tilting) puzzles because they were also making it for Android at that point, and there's completely unreliable accelerometer quality over the breadth of Android devices. So maybe the developer thought those puzzles legitimately weren't fun (I'd disagree) and decided to remove them or maybe they too compromised their vision, at least a little, in the pursuit of greater market exposure and profit.

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Complaining is rarely an effective tool for change, it's much better to let the strength of your work be the agent of change.

Did a black man become president by pointing out how we never had a black president at every turn, or did he become president by making better arguments and interpreting the wants of the voter better than his competitor?

People complaining about the race and gender of who was hired are hypocritical and self-defeating. Argue why someone else would have been better for the job based on the merits of their work and not just because you wanted someone "different."