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Regarding Peace Walker - there's no need for Dan & Drew to play that. I'm on the fence about even bothering to continue with it myself vs just moving on to MGS4.

I don't think you'd say that if you actually finished the game and went onto play Ground Zeroes. Like I've said many times, playing MGSV without playing Peace Walker will be like watching Episode VI of Star Wars without watching episode V. If you want to keep a proper bearing on the story, you have to play it. Or watch it on youtube, whatever, but then you might as well watch MGS4 on youtube without playing it as well.

Drew and Dan don't have to include it in the series, but Drew has to play it before he finally gets to MGSV. Or else he'll be like Brad who was trying to say during one of the GOTY podcasts that he missed playing one game, and now he has no idea what the hell is going on. It's unfortunate that it was made a PSP game, but it's as important as any other of the numbered entries.

I just meant I don't think they should play it for the purposes of the website, not in terms of whether they should play it in general.

That said, I didn't realize there was much story to that game, or that it was important. Based on the few hours I played, I got the impression that the plot was going to be thin (due to the game's structure of taking missions from a menu) and very much a "side story" sort of thing, but I suppose I should know better.


On an unrelated note, when Dan and Drew do start MGS3, I really hope Dan doesn't let Drew sit through the pre-menu opening or let the game go into "attract" mode so that Drew's first exposure to the "Snake Eater" opening is when it's presented in game. It's way more memorable and humorous when encountered as a Bond style late intro and it's unfortunate that they also use it as the pre-menu opening and spoil it.

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I hope Drew doesn't just give up and let the guards kill him every time he gets spotted. That really bugged me when he did it in MGS 1/2.

Problem is, it's quicker to die than to let that timer run down. This is a failing of the game, where their attempt at greater realism is undermined by the fact that it's still a video game. If resetting is less annoying than dealing with the situation that you've gotten into, then they made it too annoying to deal with those situations. Granted the annoyance is mostly just a matter of being patient and not a matter of needing to do anything skillful, but that's quite pertinent to someone playing the game for an audience. I am personally quite glad that Drew didn't spend time waiting for timers to tick down.

With MGS3 they made it even harder to actually play the game stealthily, but way easier to not play it stealthily - greatly encouraging the latter, and once again undermining (what presume was) their intent. You take such a small amount of damage (at least on normal) and healing is so easy and not reliant on limited resources (rations), that instead of dieing, whenever I got noticed (which is often due to the guards being far more aware) I just went Rambo and killed everyone. It made me feel bad because I felt like wasn't playing the game "right", but at the same time, waiting an excessive amount of time for the enemies to go back into non-caution state just wasn't worth it when gunning everyone down was quicker.

Based on Drew's play style, I'll bet he'll do the same. So at least we'll probably just see a lot of shooting instead of giving up.


Like many others, I was inspired to play through the series now (having only ever played MGS1 back in the day and never bothering with the others), by Dan and Drew's playthrough.

I finished MGS3 a few weeks ago and I'm like 3-4 hours into Peace Walker. While I didn't like the ways they made stealth harder in MGS3, I thought it was a far, far better game than MGS2 overall and enjoyed it quite a bit. I really dug all the Bond influences and the crazy characters.

Regarding Peace Walker - there's no need for Dan & Drew to play that. I'm on the fence about even bothering to continue with it myself vs just moving on to MGS4.

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Sennheiser PC 360, best "analog" headset out there in my opinion.

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While I didn't care for some of Patrick's editorials, ultimately I liked more of his content than I disliked and I think this is a loss for Giant Bomb and I'll miss his content. However, at the point where Patrick was pretty much working independently from the staff apart from Bombin' the A.M. I had an inkling he might eventually leave GB.

I wish him well and will happily follow any independent streaming he does. Whether this will get me to start reading Kotaku editorials again, that I don't know.

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Regarding latency/display lag, in PC mode, my Samsung HDTV has a 30-35ms lag. I tested it a long time ago by hooking up a CRT at the same time, running a timer program, and taking a picture. In non-PC mode it was well over 100ms.

30-25ms is around a 2 frame delay at 60fps. Not as good as dedicated PC monitors (which are typically around 16ms [1 frame] or less), but really not that bad all things considered. I personally don't notice it at all, but I don't play competitive multiplayer shooters all that often. When I do, I don't find myself doing any worse than when I had a CRT.

Just consider that everyone with a console plays games with this same level of display lag, and outside of rhythm games, do most people notice it? If you're super into Counter Strike or CoD it may be an issue for you, but if you're primarily into single player or co-op multiplayer games, I wouldn't worry about it.

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I've been using a 40" 1080p TV as my PC monitor for the last 4 years - I love it.

The one thing to look for is to make sure the TV has a PC mode. In normal mode, most HDTVs will apply some edge sharpening and noise filtering that makes text/PC input look terrible. However, most good HDTVs will have either a PC mode or a "gaming" mode that will turn all of the post processing off and make it look like your PC would on a normal monitor. Sometimes it's not so obvious how to activate it though. On my older Samsung for example, it's not an obvious setting in any of the option menus. The way that PC mode is activated is that you can assign nicknames to the different inputs from pre-defined list of typical devices (i.e. you can rename "HDMI 1" to say "DVD Player" for example), well "PC" is one of possible device names, and if you pick it, then you turn on PC mode. This is completely undocumented in the manual; something I had to stumble across on an enthusiast forum.

The only downside I've found with my TV is that I use it at a desk, sitting roughly 4-5 feet from it, and at that proximity there aren't display settings that work well for both desktop work/text and games. If the TV's the backlight and contrast settings are at anywhere over the half-way point it's uncomfortably bright for desktop work/text; but when at the settings that work well for text, games are too dark and unsaturated. Luckily there's a relatively easy solution, most TVs have picture mode presets that can be adjusted, so I just edited two presets for each context and change between them as needed. It's a small annoyance to hit a button on my remote to switch the profiles but it's become second nature over the years.

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I just finished MGS2 for the first time last night. The worst fight for me was Vamp. I also had a lot of trouble with the Metal Gear Ray(s) fight until I figured out the trick.

Regarding Fatman - I found this fight incredibly easy. I'm not sure why people think it's so troublesome unless they missed the trick. The game suggests you need to first person aim to knock over Fatman - that's BS. All you have to do is plug him with the SOCOM 4 or 5 times using the auto-aim in top down view and he'll fall over, at which point you then easily shoot him in the head.

Harrier was also very easy, beat that one first try. There's no "trick" to that one, so I have no guess as to why people had trouble with that one unless it was rebalanced in the HD version or something.

Vamp fight was really rough. I ended up having to look up hints for that one. Turns out if you throw/shoot grenades in the water, they'll cause Vamp's O2 to run and he'll jump out of water and be slow for a short moment allowing you to get some easy shots in. Even then I still went through all of my rations.

Ray was also tough until I figure out that you shoot them in the legs, which causes them to "roar" at point you shoot them in the head and it does way more damage. You can take them out pretty quickly once you learn that.

Solidus was very easy, it's like an easy version of every Dark Souls fight. Just figure out which animation leaves him open to attack, walk around and hit him in the back.

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Hmm Kotaku's story for this has a very similar opening line:

Aside from being one of the dullest entries in the best-selling series, Assassin's Creed Unity appears to be riddled with bugs.

Although GB articles aren't timestamped, judging by comment timestamps it looks like Patrick was first.