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Point: Gerstmann.

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Is it still Sim City? No thanks then.

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If it's a quote, then it's a quote. Out of context? I guess that's possible. But again, these corporate entities are screaming way too much for there not to be some truth to this.

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That's an awful lot of backlash for an 'untrue' story. Me thinks thou doth protest too much.

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Great article, Patrick. Though I'm not sure of what Paypal's interest is in ceasing funds is... for fraud prevention? Since when are they in the business of protecting backers from perceived bad investments?

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Should we be concerned that he naturally lumped this together?

PC free-to-play

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See.... I don't think that's enough...The only exclusive that I'm interested on that list is Dead Rising 3...

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Omg... I have no words.

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Same issue, worked fine on launch day ironically. But last night was useless regardless of which server I hit.