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So I am trying out Demo now.  Seems fun and I get a lot more kills.  I just have the last Achievement to get for Pyro and then I think I am done with it.

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I used to think that Achievements were just stupid but then I started playing TF2.  The unlockables used to be based off of achievements so you had to unlock to stay competitive.  Then I started playing Mafia Wars and now with GB achievements I just do stupid stuff for points.  What is wrong with me?

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NM, I got it.  I was doing game instead of the character.

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I got the voice actor of course but I don't have the concept or game that is the first part.  Any hints?  I have no idea what the Russian Gunship statement has to do with either.

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If I was a console gamer, I would totally be trading up a storm.

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I use Gametz and a little at CAG.  Goozez is pretty cool if you are doing new stuff.  What do you use?

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With the new update for TF2, my pyro is basically dead.  The crit blow back and the blow back reduction are fine but not needed.  The damage reduction is killing me.  I can't even take out a level 1 sentry without dying.  I sure hope they change it back.

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I assume he is on this because he is at 2K and making all the updates to this page.  Is this confirmed?

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Orange Box, it is your best value.  And TF2 is just so much fun.

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This is awesome.  I have never played EVE but I love to see this kind of commitment to a product.