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Posted by Switchkilla_Princess
Posted by Ryu

You need to tell this guy how you feel about him before it drives you insane :p.

I know its a strange thing to ask but what day is your birthday on? I'm 15 and mines December 18th (sorry curiosity got the better of me) and I used to have a runescape account called Nightstorm92 which is a wierd coincidence too.

Posted by Alexander

All I'll say is that at 15, making a serious commitment like moving to be with a guy is something you should really think about before doing. I'm not making any judgement about how you feel, but it's very easy to be made an impression on.

Posted by zhinse

you can do that at that age? D: And my parents are giving me trouble with my girlfriend. Anyways hope you keep on gaming and coming back to this site.