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@patrickklepek you should mention that the PS3 games are cross-buy so you also get them on the vita

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@mach_go_go_go: I understand why you say you should stop your daughter from liking games but really that isn't the best solution, to me at least. Instead, be a great dad and raise your daughter to make good choices and be a good person. And show her great games that you respect and as she gets older talk to her about games that you don't respect and why. And talk to her about how to talk to people with respect and how to deal with disrespect in a mature way. If you take something beautiful away because of the minority you are only hurting yourself and your daughter and that would be really sad to me, because I love what most games are and what they can become.

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"I'm saddened to see the topic that has driven much of my career become so wholly co-opted for hate. Ultimately, that's a side note to the main event, of course. Having people toss all discussion about ethics in games journalism under a bus to hide politicized harassment campaigns is sad for me."

This is very well said, thank you for posting, and I hope these last few months haven't changed GiantBomb's relationship with its fans because I love and respect all that you have done for me over the years. I want to be able to agree and disagree with GiantBomb staff without having a silly label like GG be attached. In the end, Games are becoming a place that can inspire and can tell epic stories like we have never seen before but like all great things it comes at a price, a minority of hatred that sometimes can't be ignored and it's good to see sites like GiantBomb stepping up when those times come. Thanks for posting and don't let the minority change your love for gaming.

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I've listened to his podcast and followed his career with GiantBomb for so long that I feel like I've just lost a real friend. He will be missed for his kindness and humor and hours of entertainment he has brought to my life. Condolences to his friends and family. You will truly be missed Ryan Davis.

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@guyincognito: PS4 will be shown in June. Have to save something for E3

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You just earned a gold star Patrick. That was well said and makes me happy that you, unlike most in the game industry it seems, stated your opinion on the matter of the 'journo drama'. I appreciate your honesty and I believe you are genuine. I feel everyone at GiantBomb is and has always been sincere and honest which is why I come here first for gaming news, but more than that, to see what a bunch of people who I could see myself being friends with, are up to. Thanks for being amazing GiantBomb

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@Ministry4390: @RoyCampbell: If you put in a larger HDD and set it to download overnight it's really not a big deal. I feel you on the game cases though.

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@RIDEBIRD: I woke up last Sunday and realized I had had a dream about DayZ. I might have a problem.