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@MODernChris said:

The interns used to do them and they no longer have interns. They talked about quests in the last radio show if you're interested.

So what happened to those interns? They got promoted or got "eliminated" like a Bond villain's henchmen? :P

and yes I haven't seen any new quest at GB site for a very long time as well.

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I apologize that my post has nothing to do with this topic. My annual premium membership expired about a week ago, but when I tried to renew it, the Paypal payment option is no longer available, why is that? Does it have something to do with the merger thingy?

Last year I paid my annual premium membership fee with Paypal and it went thru with no problem, and I really enjoyed the premium media contents, unfortunately I still do not have a credit card, and I would like to renew my annual membership with Paypal if possible.

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I still need more hints to "Follow The Leader" part of the quest please, but I managed to solve the rest, thanks very much for the help.

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Philly cheese steak or roast beef

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Pretty impressive indeed, but then again I do not want some smartass AI talk back at me like that, makes me wanna destroy it with a hammer. Still prefer a quiet smartphone than a loud and noisy one.

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For me it's single player all the way, never bothered nor gave a damn about multiplayer anyway. Regardless of that insignificant news I would preorder it anyway.

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I'm still having trouble finding number 5 guest on the Bombcast All-Stars, and I have absolutely no idea where to start on the "Know Your History" part.

EDIT: I watched the whole segment of ER: Persona 4 part 50 and it did not trigger.

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How do I complete the "Super Bombcast All-Stars" part? Find the name of the famous people who appeared on the show?

EDIT: Okay managed to get all, except guest #4 and #5, need more hints please! RRRAAAAGGEEE!

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The moderators should be prohibited from doing this quest, considering that they know the answers already.

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How do I get the "I was there" quest?

Oh nevermind found it.