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The entire E3 2011 explained in an easy way:

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As for the Endless Ocean quest, instead of going for the "Rise in Rome" clue, I've found another one. Here's an easy clue I've come up:

Tear shedding in a distant place, three times.

Now I only need one more to complete the Narwhal subquest.

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Nah, screw that One Ping quest shit, only got 1 out of 4 and I'm not gonna complete it anyway.

Another poorly thought out quest item.

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I'm currently stuck on the following quest items:

One Ping: how do I update my status?

Endless Ocean (3 items):

1. this developer and his balls took the Kinect "reigns"

2. A blocky PC indie darling that inspired a Whiskey Media shirt

3. You might get a "Rise"....

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Konami is going down the shitter even deeper every year.

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Hmmm, on my second thought perhaps it's better this way. I don't want to go through airport security wearing a "Giant Bomb" T-shirt, I fear I might get strip searched and anal probed by those TSA perverts LOL.

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@natetodamax: Nope not a clue of what Lincoln Force is at all, couldn't find it in the search either. I guess I need someone to fill in the blank for me please, if he has the time.
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Finally received my Whiskey Media T-shirt for my membership subscription, but it has the 'Lincoln Force' logo instead of Giant Bomb, what does Lincoln Force stands for?

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Rockstar made a buggy game and they don't want to admit it. It is fine for them to focus their market profit towards the game consoles and abandon the PC game market, but don't forget there are inherent risks as well, such as this.

For the Xbox owners are you still experiencing "red ring of death" technical issue, or Microsoft finally solved it?

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I was playing Star Trek Online for about three months last year, but got bored and canceled my subscription. Good thing I did not buy the lifetime membership.