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@alexandersheen: They soft reset the game accidentally and deleted the save file but thankfully the guy has been making save states.

Oh god why wasn't this recorded somewhere with chat? Sounds pretty damn funny.

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6. Both soft and hard tires have to be used in the race, otherwise everyone would use softs all the time.

8. It is reviewed by the marshals and is either allowed due to it not being their fault (or creating an advantage), or penalized with a drive through the pit.

Everything is pretty convoluted unfortunately. Politics plays a big part in F1 and has for a very long time now.

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Nothing stops the bombcast.

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Most devastated I've ever been loosing someone I've never met. Was glad to have spent all those hours with Ryan on the podcast and site. He brought joy to my life, and for that I thank him.

Goes without saying that we're all going to miss him dearly, and all of our thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.

R.I.P. Ryan.

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Its up!

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NES - Super Mario Brothers 3
SNES - Super Mario World
Genesis - Sonic 2
PS1 - Resident Evil
N64 - Ocarina of Time
PS2 - Grand Theft Auto 3
GameCube - Wind Waker
Xbox - Halo

These are not nessecarly the "best" games for each console but they all had a huge impact when released, and for the most part hold up to the test of time. If you wanted to focus on the best split-screen multiplayer games this list would change quite a bit.

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I like most other long-time RE fans am lowering my expectations in preparation for mild-to-severe disappointment. The only real problem I have is that we have yet to see a bad numerical RE game, and I'm starting to think this might break that trend.

Hopefully bad sales and reviews will lead to a RE2 remake? Without Mikami though who knows.

PS: I will still buy it day one to play it with my long time RE obsessed friend.

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1. Super Mario World (no explanation needed)

2. Resident Evil 2 (started a long lasting love for horror type games)

3. Final Fantasy VIII (not a big fan of the franchise now but when I was 12 I loved it)

Half-Life would be on this list if I could include its mods, but the game itself doesn't make the cut.

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Noticed this as well. Hope you and Dave work things out. The video quality on the old videos spoiled us.

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Great article Alex! Sad to see that era of gaming go though.

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