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Holy shit evil, I didn't know, hope you're doing alright.

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Best of luck guys!

Fuck me I'm gonna miss vinny on the bombcast :'(

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@mafolu said:

@voshinova: Looks like some kind of huge explosive blew up in there

Like..a giant...bomb of some sort?

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@fisk0 said:

I obviously prefer it the higher the framerate (and why stop at 60 fps? Many PC games do run in well above 100 fps - it seems quite common for people playing competitive shooters to aim for somewhere around 240 fps), but as long as the framerate is stable and above something like 12-15 fps, I really am not all that bothered by lower framerates in games.

Not many PC monitors with a refresh rate to support that high refresh rate. I've got 120hz though and it's smooooooth sailing in games where I can get the FPS that high, most modern games are way to demanding for that sadly.

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It's not the size it's how you use it.

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Yeah, I had 100/100mbit full duplex in my last apartment. Progressive 2H HD videos loaded fully in a minute or two whilst streaming was always at the lowest quality, except for maybe 10% at the time when it popped up to HD. Still having this problem.

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@capum15 said:

@swoxx: I then watched their Episode 1 and Portal runs. Portal was glitchfest like you wouldn't fucking believe. Too bad they didn't have commentary. Need to go watch some more SDA ones.

Yeah I watched a bit of the portal stuff, holy crap.

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@alex said:

@the_ruiner: What in this world is truly permanent?

We learned that lesson the hard way :(

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@capum15 said:

@dragon_fire: Seriously. Just...just spend the hour and a half to watch the Half Life one. I am.

Edit: So, I just found out that they have a commentary for the entire run as well. Guess I'm rewatching 27 minutes.

Great acronym too.

This was pretty amazing. Watched the whole thing.

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@zenmastah said:

@swoxx: Hows the stability of ARMA 3 been, tried the alpha awhile ago and it ran like shit.

Beta runs much smoother

Yeah, it was one of the later alpha patches that somehow magically gave everyone a 10-20 average fps boost.