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I really miss latest forum topics on the frontpage. I was hoping that would come back for the live site. Guess not.

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I'm not a limey cunt but I've also never fired a gun before. I do plan on doing it in a couple years though when I move.

Don't stoop to his level. On topic: I've shot a gun. It's not a big deal, and I don't see how people can obsess over them so much but eh, to each their own.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

I'd imagine getting as excited about shooting a bow as I would a gun. I don't really know why people would obsess over guns. But then again I don't get addicted or obsessed with anything so it's hard to really understand.

Woah, how'd this get directed into my inbox?

that's really weird. Let me look and see if I was going to reply to you and changed my mind. I doubt it but maybe it's a bug?

I had this exact thing happen to me in another thread earlier today.

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God damnit I so know that song. Someone help me out.

The charity song "We are the World"


Thank you duder.

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God damnit I so know that song. Someone help me out.

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I'd say Heavy Rain was important. Even if the game itself wasn't great.

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Mass Effect series, Saints Row 3, Heavy Rain.

Off the top of my head.

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There`s already a thread about this.

But is there a thread informing that there is another thread?

I think not!

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@Swoxx: Its not, sadly.

Let me rephrase. Page is up on the beta site :|