Best of 2010

I've only included titles I've played in this list of course, which is why some stuff that would seem obvious is missing. Enjoy

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Lol u heff the gret teste!! bezt gaems i plyd ass-well lmao

Edit: I was drunk, please avoid alcohol, evidence above.

Posted by Claude

Bastards voting shit down. I voted yes. Makes it look better.

Posted by Swoxx

My hero!

Posted by Slaker117

Boo, this suks.

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OH YEAH, WELL Y U NO take that attitude somewhere where I can reach you with my fist!?!?

/internet overreaction

Posted by ReVamp

Interesting to see Red Dead so low, from all of the time that I put into that game I never had a problem with bugs and it had so much shit to do that you could milk much more than your 60 buck's worth. From what I heard, Reach was a massive disappointment though, but I wouldn't really know, seeing as I haven't played it.

Posted by Swoxx

I agree, there is a ton to do in RDR, but I found most of it (Bountys, hunting, challenges etc) to get repetitive quite quickly. I'm also not a huge western fan so I guess that contributed.

Posted by Enigma777

You guys all suck! Leave Swoxx and his little list alone. Whoops I presses the wring one. Accident. Scout's honor! >_>

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Leave britney alone?