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I decided to reinstall WaW, but for some reason it keep telling me that the file see1_load.bik is missing.
Can anybody help me out?

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@Elazul: Stopped listening to the bombcast a long time ago.
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My main problem is that it barely runs on high, why can't I set it any lower?
I am using a Pavilion dv7 laptop.

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Might get it.

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Soldiers Stash and Tossle Cap for Maxs Head.

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Who the hell thought that Insane was easy?

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I got it for 2.79 Euros! It's cheaper than horse armor!

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@ElectricEye said:

" I'm looking for someone who is willing to help me "glitch" the last four campaigns (Dark Carnival, Swamp Fever, Hard Rain, The Parish) using the "play through easy switch to expert mode" meathod. This is one of the last achievements i need. I will help with other achievments. "

Try playing expert with the new GIB FEST mutation, I finished hard rain and the parish really quickly(like 1 hour each) WITH BOTS.
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W + M1 using this i got a 7 killstreak I was shocked actually on how well it worked.