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@blzzzrrttt: Yeah, I was thinking the other one lol. That one does look cool, but I'd prefer Demigo. Thanks :)

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I would adore a copy of RefleX of you'd be so inclined :) Since its likely among the more clamored for, I'd be cool with Demigod as an alternative if someone already took RefleX.

I greatly appreciate what you're doing by the way

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@rorie said:

@master_live_013: I doubt GS is going anywhere.

It's a shame that you're a Yankees fan. Obviously most objective observers will recognize that the Orioles are the finest team in the AL.

You misspelled "Royals"

I don't know about introducing myself to a group of people that can't spell a word as simple as "Athletics". I say that as a huge Yankees fan.

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Right now one piece of music is playing in my head. But the first piece of music that wasn't in something I watched that I can think of is "Burning Times" by Iced Earth

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Eh, it's gritty but so clean. Old school but with effects so clean they look more fake than what they used over 30 years ago. So much action, but it's so slow. It feels so much like he's trying to recreate Mad Max but make sure it has mass appeal that it doesn't seem to fit either criteria.

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@amafi said:

No one else played Star Wars Galaxies? Pre CU and NGE, obviously.

Also the KOTOR games were amazing.

Unfortunately I didn't have anything that could run it until well after I forgot about it, and when I was reminded of it, the servers were already gone.

Topic at hand: I love Battlefront, Jedi Knight, Shadow of the Empire, Episode I Racer, X-Wing, the Rogue Squadron games, Super Star Wars is fun if you hate yourself, but nothing, to me, will ever compare to KOTOR. KOTOR II is amazing as well though.

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I think Doom 3 was the last big thing to come out from them, and that was about 9 years ago. But yeah, I think the problem is that they've stuck to the same formula of simplistic FPS games sold by their graphics engine and it feels rehashed and, quite frankly, boring to gamers to see the same kinds of themes they were using 20 years ago, and it just doesn't hold up to a lot of people. I still enjoy games like Rage, but they never feel fresh anymore. Rage was basically Id's attempt to attract the Borderlands crowd. Except they forgot the cringingly lame humor, the boring environments and characters, and the wonky controls. But the point is, They try to take their established skeleton that's outdated to many and throw fancy new graphics on it, I love those old games and still enjoy their newer ones, but it's not a formula that sells in 2013

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Lhuddh. Nord Rogue/Assassin

The villagers never knew what hit them...

I know this is late, very late, but I never knew Adam Sessler had it in him. Also, I'll post a pic later, but he's a Breton with a scar on one eye, a tat on the other, one pure white eye (the scar one maybe) that weird side-mohawk you can get, and mutten chops. He looks half-ridiculous and half-badass. I might be kind of off, a lot of those helmets mean I haven't seen him in about 25 hours of mu currently 30-hour playthrough (also late, I know).

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I've "literally" never seen someone use "literally" to emphasize a point that isn't actually "literal". I really haven't, I had no clue people did this, and the three people that do, should literally be banished to a special part of Apokolips where you're subjected to infinite lessons from old, slow talking English tutors with Alzheimer's that repeat the same lesson every five minutes for literally all eternity.

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As a kid, I got my aunt to get me the GBC so I could play that new awesome Pokemon thing. Annnnnd, while there are games I'm interested in on the 3DS, the thing that made me say "I'M GETTIN DAT SHIZ" is Pokemon X/Y, and I'd be getting it if it didn't have those other games... Guess some things never change.