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I think Doom 3 was the last big thing to come out from them, and that was about 9 years ago. But yeah, I think the problem is that they've stuck to the same formula of simplistic FPS games sold by their graphics engine and it feels rehashed and, quite frankly, boring to gamers to see the same kinds of themes they were using 20 years ago, and it just doesn't hold up to a lot of people. I still enjoy games like Rage, but they never feel fresh anymore. Rage was basically Id's attempt to attract the Borderlands crowd. Except they forgot the cringingly lame humor, the boring environments and characters, and the wonky controls. But the point is, They try to take their established skeleton that's outdated to many and throw fancy new graphics on it, I love those old games and still enjoy their newer ones, but it's not a formula that sells in 2013

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Lhuddh. Nord Rogue/Assassin

The villagers never knew what hit them...

I know this is late, very late, but I never knew Adam Sessler had it in him. Also, I'll post a pic later, but he's a Breton with a scar on one eye, a tat on the other, one pure white eye (the scar one maybe) that weird side-mohawk you can get, and mutten chops. He looks half-ridiculous and half-badass. I might be kind of off, a lot of those helmets mean I haven't seen him in about 25 hours of mu currently 30-hour playthrough (also late, I know).

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I've "literally" never seen someone use "literally" to emphasize a point that isn't actually "literal". I really haven't, I had no clue people did this, and the three people that do, should literally be banished to a special part of Apokolips where you're subjected to infinite lessons from old, slow talking English tutors with Alzheimer's that repeat the same lesson every five minutes for literally all eternity.

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As a kid, I got my aunt to get me the GBC so I could play that new awesome Pokemon thing. Annnnnd, while there are games I'm interested in on the 3DS, the thing that made me say "I'M GETTIN DAT SHIZ" is Pokemon X/Y, and I'd be getting it if it didn't have those other games... Guess some things never change.

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Looks like it's almost definitely filled up, unless it's been expanded to multiple leagues. If there is room, I'd love to do so. I've been in leagues from 4 to 20 people, standard to every position (offense and defense), snake, auction, etc. So yeah, I'm down for any kind. It'd be awesome to be in a league with people who share interests outside of sports. Though if I had a preference, it'd be non-auction. But I'm cool any way.

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Well, I'm James and i'm typically horrid at talking about myself. I've been on and off of this site for a bit now, mostly using the info pages and list feature... I like lists... Anyway, I've recently started posting in the forums, and I'm pretty bored, so I figured this is a decent way to meet like-minded people.

Now that the boring intro/justification is out of the way: I'm a sarcastic prick, I joke often (horrible puns taking up a large portion of those), I'm a nice guy, usually too nice for my own good, I often walk around in jeans and a band t-shirt, I'm socially awkward and introverted but if I trust you I can be myself and am typically far more open on the internets.

As far as more this site-related stuff goes, I've been gaming literally as long as I can remember, so probably about 2 or 3. Among my first games were Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Street Fighter II, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Iron Man and X-O Manowar in Heavy metal (I know, that's an obscure one), and the like. One of my favorite memories is getting a Game Boy Color and Pokemon Blue on my 7th Christmas. I have a large and ever-expanding (both through recalling and playing games), but a few favorites are: pretty much anything Bioware, most anything Squaresoft (including most of their RPG's and games like Bushido Blade, Rad Racer, Tobal No. 1 and Parasite Eve), Pokemon, most pre-Microsoft Rareware games, old LucasArts/Sierra adventure games, Elder Scrolls III and V (Oblivion was terrible), Mega Man (especially the X series), Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario World in all its iterations as well as Galaxy, most things Atlus makes or publishes, Devil May Cry, Legacy of Kain, Zelda, I could go on forever and likely missed some big ones. I love me some RPG's but I enjoy something in just about any genre.

I'm also big into some TV shows (especially 90's cartoons and sci-fi/fantasy) as well as being a bit of a movie buff, at least for my age. I'm really into comics but unfortunately haven't had the chance to read a whole lot of them. There are books I like, but I'm more of an audiobook guy, I like to be able to be somewhat productive while I'm "reading". I also like sports, which I know is likely uncommon here, and I have a music obsession. Anyway, feel free to message me or something if you want to talk, I'm friendly and junk.

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I love DuckTales, I love Gargoyles, I love Chip N' Dale, I love Goof Troop, etc. But my favorite, and one of my favorite shows ever, is "The Terror that Flaps in the Night" "The weirdo who sits next to you on the bus", Darkwing Duck!

Side note: It's still astounding how underappreciated that Mighty Ducks show is/was.

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Your hatred of reviews doesn't really matter because you're not everyone, reviewers aren't wrong because you disagree. And yeah, MGS is the worst series, literally the worst to go into with the fourth ga,e

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@bisonhero: Honestly, that made it seem more likely to me. Most forms of media have a habit of trying to release those kinds of collaborations when the interest in the involved properties is at a peak, often shortly after releasing new adaptations or releases of said properties (Avengers anyone?). And quite honestly, while I love both the Layton and Phoenix Wright games, I don't follow their development history to a great extent, so I didn't know there was a history of cancellations an. It seems I've misinterpreted the majority's expectations.

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@hailinel: To be fair, we all knew it was coming, and honestly, I personally figured 2014, and I'm sure a lot of people did.

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