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Timed exclusive I'm sure. SE gets a big cash infusion from MS, has a partner to promote it big time against Uncharted, and then they will release it on other platforms 6-12 months later.

If it's a good game all the detractors will come around in good time. All SE has to do to win back PS4/PC owners is push the graphics a little further and slap a Definitive Edition stamp on the front.

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Just got through playing tennis, golf, and baseball. Had a lot of fun, and I'm impressed by how it picks up such small movements and the ease of voice control.

If you liked the first one you'll like this one, too.

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Yes, this was my first PS2 game and I fell in love with it. By the end of it I was also a fan of Naughty Dog and have bought and enjoyed every one of their games since. They are the best reason to own a Playstation console.