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Here`s your coverage: It`s good and it`s free.

The microtransaction part is really really minor. You can play through it, and get the full experience of the game, without ever having to spend a dime. In some ways it`s a shame because this game is so good I really wouldn`t mind having to pay for it.

It`s a surreal thing, because it feels like they missed a real oppurtunity to make money with this game just by the way their microtransactions are set up and insignificant.

Where others have failed by making their game to much about the microtransactions these guys have fucked themselves by not making it even a factor for the experience. The interresting part being that the game is just way to good for them not to make a shedload of profit.

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Xbox 360


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Xbox 360


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I'm buying this!

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Ok, so is it possible that Columbia only existed in the timeline where there was Rapture? Seeing as you row a boat to get to the lighthouse that takes you to Columbia. Could this be a world that places the other lighthouses under water (like in rapture) and your only choice would be the lighthouse that takes you to Columbia... Or something like that?

And also, the Elizabeth that at the end drowns you has no pendant in her necklace, so she is not the "true" Elizabeth, the one you sold and the one you once again meet up with. What happened to this "true" Elizabeth?

Did the old Elizabeth have the pendant you chose at the beginning?

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Buy this one, it`s just about the greatest thing ever released on vinyl. The dude tho made this goes by the name of Thermos Malling (He used to be the drummer for Bob Log III`s old band Doo Rag) and he made it this record and another one with his wife on vocals (i believe) I remember seeing a clip of them live where she sang while doing some crazy drum-triggering with a nintendo power glove.

Anyways, I got this one way back in the days off of, and if you`re looking for anything on dilicious vinyl platters look no further. It really is a great community/sales-whatever-site

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The Units - Warm moving bodies

I thing they made some "Training video" with this song back in the the days too but I couldn`t find a good link for it... AnYWhOo, this song makes the body move!

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Mamaluke, Shellacking and Doggonit !

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This game needs to get patched something fierce.

The matchmaking takes way to long. When you do get into a match nine times out of ten it`s either going to be lag stuttering or someone disconnect and the match ends.

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I want to be a Euro-trance dude and ride around on a unicorn with my angelwings. Bouncing on the grass, flying in my bubble or maybe just catch a ride on my stingray!!

That right there is some next-level "RiFF RaFF", on some next level shit, out-of-control BALLIN` is what that is!

PS. Anyone else notice at the 2 minute mark in that "Heaven when you kiss me" video. The girl has rope marks around her neck. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN??