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Where do I sign up?

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ItalyCanadian9 said:
"CaseyWegner said:
"ItalyCanadian9 said:
"CaseyWegner said:
"Kats are not allowed in the republic of casey"
Yes they are why? Because Chuck Norris approves."
Oh, well WAIT stop trying to CONTROL MEEEEEEEE or you will be faced with political sanctions"
lol changed your pic i see."
Casey has the best pics on this site all in his bank
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Cartman said:
"CaseyWegner said:
"yesssss. what should i have for breakfast?"
I just eat pizza around the clock so my advice is useless =("
Hell yeah; one large pizza suffices me for dinner, breakfast and lunch the next day!

Also, what's IHOP?
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I agree with most of your points here, but with the AR; the sniper is going to be a pretty useless gun. To provide some thought to this statement was that in my case and most other people, headshots with the sniper only used to happen in lucky circumstances or when someone was just too stupid to stand still for long enough. If the only way it can deal effective damage is through headshots I think that it may become rapidly ditched (unless it stays as one of the strongest hit guns where you beat down and run around to beat down again; because if this stays the same, there's probably a good chance of people running around with it out purposely with the thought of just beating people down; which completely takes the fun out of the entire principle of the game).Eleo said:

"They should give the weapon something else that makes it a worthwhile pick up, otherwise it's gonna be as popular as the boltok pistol."
Lol, I actually really liked the boltok, if used properly it was awesome!
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Well, I don't really fall under your specifics, but I would like to join!

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samcotts said:
"What additions would you like to see, or are excited about?
What weapons do you want ditched, or changed to be more or less powerful?

I think the flamethrower will be great, really suits the type of game Gears is. Also being able to attached grenades to walls will be useful.
But the main difference I want, is for the Lancer to be more powerful in multiplayer, because I felt that it's fairly easy to avoid being killed by it.
I have to say, I don't really agree with you; firstly, I think the flamethrower is probably a bad idea and I can see it being abused it multiplayer. Also, unless you didn't know how to use it properly, the Lancer was incredibly powerful and with an active you could down someone in about one second. If anything they need to make it less powerful; considering it's the weapon that everyone starts with.
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Carmine had a pretty cool suit but other than that there wasn't exactly much development on him, so I can't really judge
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I'll complete the campaign twice first with two different people, and with at least one of the play throughs on the hardest difficulty, whether it's 'Insane' or not

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Black_Rose said:
"I have a few reviews in my profile, i got a top 100 emblem in GS but i don't think they're that good"
You brought them all over yet?
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I love them, so much so that I've been up in a two seater quite a lot; and done several zero-g dives