3 Things I Hate About Bad Company 2

So, I just got off from playing a some of the Bad Company 2 demo, something that has begun to absorb more and more of my time, and I was left with three distinct complaints. Don't get me wrong, I love the game. Hell, I'm probably going to pre-order it. However, there are a few problems that are actively working to decrease the love that I feel for it.



It seems as though almost half the games I get into become either ridiculously easy or impossibly hard due to people quitting out early. Unfortunately, in BC2 there is no autobalance. I mean sure, the problem could be solved by people not ragequitting and having the common decency to wait until the end of a match to quit, but that's not really going to happen. A simple autobalance feature would fix this problem easily, and while it sucks to be suddenly on the team you’ve been fighting against, working against everything you were just working towards, it sucks more for the game to be horrendously unbalanced.

 The result of an accidental kit change

Defusing Explosives/Changing Kits

In truth, I don’t know how this “feature” managed to make it out of the beta. Due to defusing/planting explosives and picking up dead soldiers’ kits using the same button, running in to defuse a bomb becomes an exercise of frustration. It becomes so that dead soldiers are a greater threat to you than live ones, as you struggle to dodge all the fallen soldiers’ kits and find an angle from which you can actually defuse the bomb. Almost every time this happens you will end up dead.


Useless Teammates

Okay, I know this complaint is not of Bad Company 2 itself, but I will put it here nonetheless. And I am also aware that this makes me sound like an elitist snob who thinks they are better than everybody else. You’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that I’m not. Most of the time my team is great, and they work together beautifully, but it is also not a rare occurrence that my team is entirely more concerned with blowing up our own buildings than killing the enemy. It can be extremely frustrating when working towards my team’s victory to find the rest of my squad running around the other side of the map shooting the occasional enemy and, more often, each other. It’s also rather annoying to find that the only way my team stands a chance is for me to be constantly switching classes to combat every situation, as the rest of my team seems to regard the idea of destroying enemy tanks and helicopters as ridiculous and unnecessary. 

 Looks harmless enough. How about we just leave it alone and let it do its thing.
Now that I’m done that little rant, I can finish by saying that Bad Company 2 is an amazing game. But with a little bit of work by both the developers and the players it could be even better. I am still extremely excited for the game and I will be pre-ordering it rather soon.