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the interface controls in menus is really pc like, wich is weird :d

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Hi all,

i was wondering if someone with an early PS4 copy can tell me how the framerate holds up? Don't really care how it looks, just want to know if it can keep a smooth framerate.

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i yell "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK" very often.

other than that i try to stay calm, it's just a game.

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@humanity said:

@siroptimusprime said:

All I want to see is that sweet, sweet 60.

The framerate is not really an issue on the 360 version at all and neither are the load times. Some areas just look plain ugly and the game suffers from some terrible textures. If they added new high res textures and better lighting, that would be far better than getting a slightly smoother version of the game that looked just as bad, only now you're sitting up even closer to the screen and can start counting the pixels.

Yeah it's not really an issue but i still prefer a solid 60 fps. For me it's just a question of comfort really. And the screen tearing on the 360 version is terribad. And being able to play in 1080p is a big big bonus.

Really, all I want is 60fps and some better lighting and shadows. If it can do that satisfactorily, I'll be totally up for double-dipping.

I bought it day one on 360, and I've only played about an hour. I think I just needed to play it to get the hype out of my system. Now I've gotten that out of the way, I'll be happy to settle in with the PC version.

Also, hooray for having a brand new GTX780 system. It means I can now look forward to things like this and not feel excluded.

Same here, bought the 360 version day one, played about 10 hours, but then stopped (due to other stuff, infamous, warhammer painting and playing) but i really look forward to a smoother and overall beter experience on the pc.

Also i wonder if a better framerate is all that we're gonna get, then why did it take a month for the pc version to come out. If it was the lead platform, you would think it be on the same day as the console versions, right?

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i just want those 60 frames a second really. extras would be nice ofcourse.

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Is happening today? omg, so excited! Can't wait to see if it looks any better and just hope they delivered a solid performance!
Or this could just be an enormous letdown ofc.

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i'm enjoying the game actually, and i didn't like skyrim or morrowind. I'm playing it as an mmo where i have a lot more freedom in what i do and when and how i do it. Also the combat isn't that great, but it's a real breath of fresh air in the mmo space in my opinion.

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I dont think you are in the guild, if you would care to join we would love to have you, we have almost unlocked the guild store.

You can contact me @Grimmie92 ingame

i'm an EU player unfortunately

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Well i created a new character today. a woodelf nightblade, been playing as an archer and having loads more fun with the combat. I've even done things that i couldn't clear with my "tank". Groups of 3 mobs are no problem now, with my other character it was a real pain in the ass.

Let's hope the fun keeps up.

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It seems like because of the first person view being "the way to play this" they should make it so tanks have an AOE taunt or something.

Or maybe this game isn't intended to be trinity. I don't know. Sounds like it's not balanced for group content, though.

First person view preferred play is a first for an MMO technically so it is an interesting concept but they have to balance the game around that play style and since the first person view came in later I know for a fact this game was not built from the ground up with it in mind.

it's loosely based on a trinity, you have tanks/dps/healers. But the classes them selves are very much "do whatever the hell you want" it's just all over the place. I don't hate that, but i hate the fact that it seems hard to follow a straight path to become something you want to be.

The game would greatly benefit from FOV options, i don't really get bothered by FOV stuff, but in this game you need to be able to be aware of your surroundings, especially as a tank or healer. Playing the game in third person just doesn't feel right at all and isn't a real solution to the problem at hand. And indeed the game wasn't built with the first person view in mind, but then again the third person view is messed up too :D

I'm a fan of trinity style games, i like knowing my role in an mmo, i hated guildwars é because of the fact that there was no trinity, it may seem innovative but if it's done in a wrong way it really messes up things. I came into this as: hell yes i'll be tank with "realtime" combat, but then i got burned.

I don't know, maybe i should give the game another chance with another type of class, maybe i'll try a character with a bow. I'm just so bummed out because i'm so into the world and crafting side of things and the combat is letting me down so hard.