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So i'm a returning player, i have a level 28 conjurer atm but i totally lost track of the story and can't seem to find motivation to continue playing. I'm doing main story stuff but it seems i'm overlevelled for that content quite a bit. Also casting stone II over and over again in just basic pve content is getting quite boring. I was wondering if i should just start over with a fresh char so i can get back on track with the story. Anyone any tips i can follow? thanks ind advance

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Ok thanks guys, really enyoing this game so far.

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So i'm still dicking around in white orchard. I encountered this cemetery with a wraith of level 7. First time i faced it, it had a big red skull and i couldn't touch it. Did something else, leveled to level 3 and was able to kill it. Kind of weird, still had a 4 level advantage on me.

Same thing with quests, i'm level 3 but i can take on sidequests 3-4 levels above me with relative ease. Playing on the second to highest diff setting.

And i'm always out of money, this is a real pain in the ass since repairs costs pretty much in the early stages. What's a quick way to earn some gold? Selling items doesn't seem to bring in much cash, except the high level crafting stuff and i don't want to sell those.

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would be cool to play with some GB duders, i'm a eu player though :s

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So i bought a ps4 and destiny about a week ago. Really like the game alot, i'm a lvl 14 warlock right now. I was wondering if i should buy the dlc or wait?

Also feel free to add me on psn: reavx

I'm a euro duder though.

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i had one, bought it at launch but sold it due to no games i liked coming out.

Yesterday i bought one, mainly for bloodborne and it seems like games are starting to come out i like. Bought the GTA V pack (played it on ps3, but they didn't have other packs) and picked up bloodborne.

No regrets.

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I'm a big Perturbator fan, so hearing Dangerous Days in my video games is pretty fun.

Perturbator's stuff is mostly name-your-price on bandcamp, it's all pretty high quality. Between the sounds, images and 'stories' for each album, there's a such a unity of vision. It sounds like the kind of electronic music that metalheads would like.

If you like cyberpunk dystopian novels, comic books and pulp; listen to Perturbator.

I'm a hardcore/punk/metal fan mostly, but yeah i like some electronic music, especially the kind of music in the Hotline miami games. It all sounds so menacing.

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I can blast this all goddamn day.

Fuck yes.

This soundtrack is so much better than the first game.

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roller mobster all the way up until now.

That track just gets my blood pumping.

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i wish this was on spotify so i could jam it on my bike rides