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I'm a big Perturbator fan, so hearing Dangerous Days in my video games is pretty fun.

Perturbator's stuff is mostly name-your-price on bandcamp, it's all pretty high quality. Between the sounds, images and 'stories' for each album, there's a such a unity of vision. It sounds like the kind of electronic music that metalheads would like.

If you like cyberpunk dystopian novels, comic books and pulp; listen to Perturbator.

I'm a hardcore/punk/metal fan mostly, but yeah i like some electronic music, especially the kind of music in the Hotline miami games. It all sounds so menacing.

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I can blast this all goddamn day.

Fuck yes.

This soundtrack is so much better than the first game.

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roller mobster all the way up until now.

That track just gets my blood pumping.

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i wish this was on spotify so i could jam it on my bike rides

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how long is the first episode?

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Well played a few matches, but i can't seem to get into it at all. Playing as the hunters is extremely boring, you follow the tracks and then surround and kill the damn thing. If you play with some resemblance of teamwork, you get it done fairly easy.

Playing as the monster was not fun at all for me. I just don't know, seems something is missing.

I also have a feeling this game is pretty shallow content wise, it's a cool concept, but paying 50-60 euro for this game feels like a bit steep.

It looks pretty though.

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Well fuck that just came out of nowhere. :(

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@syndrom: Hit every USS that appears on your scanner. They're random encounters so you might not find some traders immediately but keep plugging away.

I spent an hour last night searching for a named pirate with no success. Will try again today (it means a promotion once I bring in his bounty) as the mission time was 48 hours.

USS is just a ship with a USS tag? I feel stupid for even asking this but hey :p

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new question, i accepted a mission where i had to kill some traders, i got system info, went to said system. But how do i find the actual dudes i need to shoot down.

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So euh i only played a little bit in the beta. but what to do when you first start off?