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i think people that want ES6 are just in the wrong place.

It's an mmo, you have to expect the idiots and typical mmo player stuff. I don't really think these are valid complaints against the game.

I've been just ignoring alot of that stuff and i'm having fun in the game. It's actually been a long time since i've had this much fun in an mmo.

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if someone could invite raavaka, that would be great

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psn id: reavx

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i signed up for it too. haven't gotten anything yet. Hope i get something.

Live in the eu though

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it looks amazing, those particle effects and lightning are really nice. And the faces are really good too, you can see what kind of emotion they show but not with that uncanny valley feel like in heavy rain and beyond two souls or la noire.

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so excited to see brad and vinny play!

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man just beat the lost sinner in 1 try. So dissapointed in the bosses up until now. They are just too easy. i took those three sentinels down on the second try, i mean wtf?

I expected more of a fight out of the lost sinner. since he's the first of the 4 whose names cannot be uttered.

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@syndrom: Well in MGS4 he has a different VO than snake. At some point there has to be a switch over in VO.

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@syndrom: Well in MGS4 he has a different VO than snake. At some point there has to be a switch over in VO.

It also seems to be part of a push from Kojima to further distinguish Big Boss from Solid Snake in The Phantom Pain. At some point, Big Boss has to become the villain - the Darth Vader to Solid Snake's Luke Skywalker for lack of a better analogy - and I think the change in voice actor is a part of that shift.

yeah i can follow that, but it's still jarring. Wish they picked somebody else than keifer sutherland though. can't stop thinking: 'hey that's that guy from that 24 shitshow' :(

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@falserelic: Well, to be fair he isn't the same. This is where Big Boss stops being the hero and starts going into business for himself. So to me makes sense his VO is different.

that's a very werird justification imo. Why would his voice change along with his motives?