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Stuff does wear down a lot faster, but every time you go back to a bonfire, all of your stuff gets repaired to 100% for free. You only need to visit the blacksmith if something breaks completely.

There's also a ring that slows down the rate of equipment wear.

holy shit, i didn't know that :( But that also resets monsters, and i don't really want to waste those.

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Is it me or do weapons break alot faster? I just started on the 360 and my first sword and my club i bought allready broke. I don't remember having this problem in previous souls games.

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Origin: EndlessObsidian

US East.

Is anyone else suffering from error code 503 like I am right now?

yes, everyone is. damn servers are down or something.

origin: vvolvenkind

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vvolvenkind, west eu

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Sent a request to the guys that have already posted in the thread.

I'm playing on PC and my name is xFUTURESx. Looking forward to shooting all of the Robits with you duders.

i accepted your request!

Looking forward to playing some games with duders!

If you see me online don't hesitate to send me a request

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@crembaw said:

Almost 50GB is still a big chunk of space on anything under 2TB.

it's pretty ok on my 1 terra game drive :p

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Why are people mad about this? Why does it matter that some people are playing early to anyone but EA and Respawn?

Well they get a head start on levels and unlocking stuff.

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yeah, very unclear if your doing something bannable if you do this though. since your modifying game files

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i would be in. will be playing on PC though. So origin people feel free to add me: vvolvenkind (v v not a w) :p

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vvolvenkind (vv not a w)

europe player.