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I don't think I've ever had tears in my eyes for the death of someone I never met. I pray that Ryan is in a better place, and I give my most sincere condolences to Ryan's wife, family, and the GB crew. Time heals all wounds.

If there's something we can do, like donations for his wife and family, please let us know. I'm sure the GB community would be more than happy to help in their time of need.

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Pouring one out for my homie. Nice article Alex :)

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Smoke some of that Hawaiian herb. The best outdoor sativa strains in the world. If you're into that sort of thing that is...

I'm not...anymore :)

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The dumbest guys in the room.

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Which would be better? MGS or Zone of the Enders? I'd be happy with either one.

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I think it's really cool that Epic decided to go with this art style for the debut of the UE4 engine.

For one thing, the engine is less about pushing polygons and more about the blueprint of game design in a general sense, so it makes sense to debut UE4 in this sort of "tower defense" or Minecraft style game. However, the engine will still push an impressive number of polys and it will undoubtedly be very impressive to look at, but that's not the focus of the engine. I'm extremely interested in playing this game and seeing it being played, but I'm even MORE interested in modding this game because I think UE4 will (theoretically) allow for extremely in-depth alteration of the maps, characters, visuals, etc.

It's nice to see Epic doing something outside of the gritty, dark, bloody art style, especially with the first game utilizing their brand new pride and joy, UE4. It's also nice to see Epic going PC exclusive, at least until the next-generation of consoles are released from Sony and Microsoft. I have a hard time believing that Epic will keep this a PC exclusive considering their close relationship with Microsoft and their criticism of sales figures concerning Unreal Tournament (3?) on PC relative to Gears of War on console. I believe those comments were made sometime in 2008, much to the chagrin of PC gamers. All of that being said, I believe the superior version of this game, due to progressively higher end hardware and modding, will be the PC version.

I'm extremely excited about this game. Right now it's up there with The Last of Us, Dishonored, Borderlands 2, and Watch Dogs as far as my anticipation of it goes.

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Reggie looked like he wanted to kill somebody. I think something got pulled right before the show. Something wasn't right. Nintendo has screwed stuff up before but, for me at least, this was an all time low for a console unveil at E3. Myamoto was the highlight but everything else was awful. It was really hard to watch because I was rooting for them so hard. I want Nintendo to go back to being the company that brought me my favorite game EVER, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Instead, I got the version of Nintendo that brought me the Wii Fit, a Nintendo that cares little if at all for the core gaming audience.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I felt like Alex. I wanted them to knock it out of the park so badly that I put the ball on a tee, but all they did was swing and miss, then spin around, then fall in the dirt, then cried, then.....