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I didn't notice there was already a page for Crashmo when I added it. Please remove this one:

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What the hell are you talking about? List threads aren't even allowed there. Not as clued up? What does that mean? If everyone knew everything why even have discussions about anything? It would all just be circle-jerking at that point, much like what is going on in this thread.

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@Marokai: I've been looking at the TOS and other threads in the FAQ section and I don't really get what you mean by subjective. Sure every ban is subjective to that particular moderator, but isn't that the case everywhere? I seriously doubt that moderators on most forums get together for a meeting to decide if a particular poster should be banned or not. The first paragraph of the TOS may seem a little harsh but it really isn't. It's not a human right to be a member on NeoGAF and you can loose your membership for any reason. That's not to say that people actually are banned for silly reasons though. I've never seen anyone banned if they didn't do something bad in the first place.

The rules are pretty clear and they seem fair to me. Here's the most important pages:

And here's the policy on hotlinking images. Please do point out any other points of subjectivity because I really can't.

And the whole "batch" thing is just silly. He didn't mean it in a bad way at all. It was said in a joking manner. And who cares what it's called anyway? Is the word "batch" really that offensive?

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@Marokai: You're not gonna get banned from GAF if you disagree with a moderator's opinion. Nor will you get banned if you don't "follow the culture", whatever that means. You're also not gonna get banned if you say something unpopular. I don't get where this comes from. Don't equate GAF with SA.

If you do say something unpopular, people will argue with you over it just like anywhere else. And if you're an asshole about it, then you might get banned. That's it. If you're an asshole or break the rules, you'll be banned. And since you need to provide a non-free email address, which is likely your school or work email meaning it will be much harder to just re-register if you're banned, people have less incentive to be assholes and will instead attempt to discuss things in a civil manner with actual arguments and stuff, or alternatively just stay out of the discussion if they don't have anything of value to add besides being condescending.

As usual when people disagree though, it can get pretty heated and that can lead to name calling and bullshit like that and that will inevitably lead to a ban because name calling is a definite no-no on GAF. Thankfully that's a pretty rare occurance. If one has an unpopular opinion though, or disagrees with someone, one needs to be prepared to argue for it. If one can't argue for that opinion he's gonna look like a fool, again just like anywhere else including real life, and other members will probably make fun of him. If one does argue for it and they still make fun of him, then the arguments were probably weak or the opinion was stupid to begin with.

Also it's pretty hard to get permabanned from GAF I'd say. You need to really piss people off or continually break the rules despite warnings for that to happen. Mostly when a member gets banned it's a tempban. Junior Members on the other hand only get one shot and they're gone, but I think that's fair because a lot of new juniors really are assholes who don't know how to behave.

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First of all, this is pretty old news. Like almost 6 months or more old.

Secondly, this is not Nintendo's restriction. It's Capcom's descision to put the 30-play limit there. There's going to be another demo from another developer in the future which will have a 3-play limit! Yes, three plays. I don't remember which game it was now though, but I think it was from Ubisoft.

So really, 30 plays is more than plenty. I don't think I've ever played a demo more than that.

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I don't have a lot of time for games anymore. Most games I don't even play through to the credits.

Some games are so good that I'll happily 100% them, but it takes a long time for me to do that. I usually don't complete a game 100% though because most of the time it's not worth it. I'll do the major side-quests and such but not much else.
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So no ET? :P
 Yeah the NC sure is more fun to watch and the quality never seems to get worse, but come on now. Doug puts all his time into doing the NC and related projects and has multiple people working for him and whatnot. AVGN on the other hand is just a thing James does as a side thing basically.
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@Giantstalker said:
" 90% of N64 games, people say current-gen games are"boring" but they haven't played the likes of Aidyn Chronicles or Superman 64  Makes me laugh "
Or Shadow Man. I read on NeoGAF that it was pretty decent. So I bought it... well damn, someone remembered it a bit too fondly I think. Ugly as hell, stiff animations and bad controls, boring levels, enemies and weapons, bad voice acting (but pretty impressive that they even had voice actors on the N64 version). What's not to like? xD
Luckily it was dirt cheap. I guess I know why now.

But I don't know if it is the MOST boring game I've ever played, that would probably be something like Golf for the NES, but it's up there.
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@Emilio: No I agree. For example, when you jump underneath some blocks as big mario, crushing then, Mario doesn't bounce back down quite like he does in the NES version. He jumps through the blocks a little bit and looses momentum sometimes. It feels kind of annoying after playing the NES games and getting used to them.
I own the original SNES release of this game but I still bought the anniversary edition for around $20 when it came out. I have to say that the booklet and the soundtrack was a bit of a letdown, but I was prepared for it so I don't mind. The soundtrack especially. 20 tracks of which quite a few are 2 second sound effects? Looking at the surface of the disc you can see that it is not even filled to the half-point. They could've easily fitted 30+ tracks on it.