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I went in March for my honeymoon and have one piece of advice...

You can skip the SquareEnix store.

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@hom3r: "better version".

Yeah, GTA4 on PC was clearly the best version and ran super well.

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Ah, shame it's for Gold users only.

I had a copy of Fable III but a mate stole it. This would've been a good replacement.

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@tesla said:


I would do some pretty depraved things for this to happen again.

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I'd love Homefront if you'd be so kind.

EDIT: Realised I'd already gotten basement collection in a humble bundle

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Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time did this. Pretty awesomely too.

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@animasta said:

I wonder how many people are going to use this to avoid Patrick

awesome job though!

edit: bug, when searching dave (snides) I pulled up the Wreckateer QL with Dave Lang.

How did you know I'd use it to avoid Patrick?!

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Watch the Snoop Dogg one. Like anything in life, if it has Snoop, it's fucking brilliant.

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I've never been so happy to have a piece of shit laptop that couldn't run SimCity.

Which is sad because a week ago I REALLY REALLY wanted this game. I know in time they will iron things out.

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Skate 3.

Fucking hard