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" @xyzygy said:

I'd rather Pilotwings Wii (PilotWIIngs?)
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I'm not a GS Whore and don't care about S Ranks. I play games to have fun. Not show how big my e-peen is.

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" @DevWil said:
" Dubai'd. "
I'm so sorry for you cause I've been through similar stuff, but I lol'd at this.  "
A lot of the stuff I've read in this thread has made me lol. Which is a good thing. I know I can count on the GB Community to make me laugh when I'm feeling at my worst.
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@crusader8463 said:
" Just thought you might want to see the guy she left ya for. So don't get any heroic chick flick meeting at the airport i love you forever plans to win her back.
You Sir, are fucking hilarious. I applaud you.
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@Capum15 said:
" How long was the "trip" to Dubai? Seems a bit quick to fall in love with someone. "

She is actually a pretty shallow girl who loves nothing more then material possessions. A rich guy in Dubai would suit her perfectly.

She went to dubai for a little over a week :/

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@Vito_Raliffe said:
" I use my browser as a spell-checker.  "
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@TheMustacheHero said:
" Dude that's great news! Congratulations! "
For some weird reason this made me laugh. Thankyou.
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I'd say get one. I've said it countless times, I really enjoy my 360 but when I sit down and play a game on my Wii I find them to be the greatest games in the world and have more fun with them then anything else.

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Last night I went out to dinner with an ex of mine and a few of our friends, on the car ride there she looks into my eyes and tells me that my eyes are really blue today.

My heart swells and my insides feel like a mixture of happiness and love.

She then tells me all about her trip to Dubai and how awesome it was. 

But THEN. THEN. She tells me something.

"I've met the guy I'm marrying. He's some geeky guy in Dubai who is into computers and is an accountant."

Out of the motherfucking blue, it feels like someone has punched me in the stomach and kicked me while I was down. 

We've been broken up a long time but, I'm here to tell you GB Community, casual sex can fuck up a mans friendship and his heart. I'm not over her. I never was. When she came round we'd spend the day laying in my bed, cuddling, kissing, watching bad television. All the finer things in life.

After dinner we went into an arcade. We were walking around and talking and I said something stupid (as per usual) so she slapped my arse, I slapped hers back laughing and she turns around. She tells me that we can't do this thing anymore. The way she said it she almost sounded sad. I hugged her and wanted to cry. She then tells me I will have to get over her. She said yes to this man in Dubai and I just feel like dying. 

In my whole life I've never had a night more depressing then this. 

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@septim said:
" Normal but I have no problem dropping it to easy. Some games (Red Faction Guerilla) are actually way better on the easy setting. "


Also, Game is pain in arse enough on Easy.