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Now, if only there was something worth buying for 220 MS Points.

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I basically like to sleep sitting up at a 70 degree angle. 
My spine hates me.

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I think everyone has a choice to do it, but personally, I don't like it.

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I'm a Ratchet guy myself. 
One of the things that kind of turned me off Jak and Daxter was the huge departure from your run-of-the-mill platformer to an open world filled with car jacking and guns. If it stayed alot more like the original with the only advantages coming from Eco I would've been happy. 

Plus, I heavily endorse any game where you can make the opponents boogie-down with an electronic disco ball.

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a bit late to the party but, I'd rather get it on XBLA if the choice was there,  it pretty much comes down to mics like everyone else.
@Babble said:

" Yes. With Castle Crashers going to PSN maybe we do have a chance of Fat Princess coming to XBL, but I don't know if Sony has owns the studio, or bought any exclusive deals or anything. I haven't looked into it much. "
I'm hoping you're onto something dude.
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If you have a glass coffee table place your dog on it, they will shit bricks. Hopefully only metaphorical bricks as it is on your coffee table.

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Yo fiddy, headshot dat bitch

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@lordofultima: I'm not a giant RTS fan but, christ, yeah, way to blow Blizzard, when I think of Starcraft I think of Lanning with my cousin not, ending up playing against a korean and the game being over in mere seconds.
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Christ. Right Handed. Who the fuck cares?

Makes everything alright if it's Zelda with waggle.

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@catpowerd: one day I hope to recieve Rock Band 2 aswell :(