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@mau64 said:
" With some gamers catching onto the gamble that is PlayStation Plus, do you think hardcore gamers would buy into a paid subscription service for Wii. Some features would be stuff like:  universal friends list with usernames access to demos for games on WiiWare Sales on WiiWare Games more reliable online play Headset chat  Etc  There are many other things they could do, but I just wanted to get opinions to see if you would even think about buying it. Lets go with a $50 a year model much like the others. "
So, you want Xbox Live?
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If I'm not with the woman I'll get myself a manly Large Double Quarter Pounder. 
If i'm with the woman I'll get myself a Medium McChicken. 
I enjoy the former a lot more.

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My stock answer is Space Channel 5 Part 2.

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Forums are where it's at. Apart from Mailbags their isn't a lot of awesome vids.  
(This is just my opinion though.)

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@Icemael said:
" Gears of War. 
No, seriously. I think there's enormous potential in Gears of War. Imagine a really, really bleak movie that explores the characters' psyches. Like, the reason they act like careless frat boys is that it's the only way for them to keep going. The only way for them to deal with the incredible psychological pressure of knowing that humanity is on the brink of extinction; of dancing with death several times a day; of killing, and killing, and then killing some more. It could be amazing. "
Wow. This.
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@Navyseils: DUDE! FUCKING YES! Urban Chaos is fucking sweet. 
Simpsons Road Rage is one.
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only site i've paid for is Something Awful and that was a one off payment as 10 dollars.  
I won't be paying for anything though. I can't wait for the forum to turn to shit when people turn into elitist douche bags,

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This is why I hated GTAIV 
GTA had the best cheats up until that game

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Not since Masterchef Australia ended :(

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@DrGanon said:

This is a tribute to all the horses I had that were killed by bears,cougars, wolves or accidentally  shot by me. But the horse that threw me off and sent me over the cliff can go to hell.


AHAHAHAHAHA I laughed so hard.