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I've seen a few people squee about the title card, I must have missed it or paying attention enough to realize how great it was, but, um, what was so special about it?

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@arcadiaexeter: I'm betting it will, part of some Black Flag GOTY edition with the DLC included.

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@patrickklepek said:

@chumley_marchbanks said:

I don't own many video games anymore, but that depends on our definition of ownership. Even though I've purchased numerous games on Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN, I don't own them. I've purchased a license to play them, a license that won't necessarily last forever, and nothing guarantees my previous purchases will work when the next wave of hardware arrives. That's been more and more true as hardware's grown more complex.

@patrickklepek I'd like to point out that by buying a physical copy of a game you are still only licensing the software, as stated by Sony's software license agreement for example. Although it doesn't affect what you said, I think in these circumstances it's important to recognise the fact.

Excellent point!

Can I sell it? Then I own it.

Unless I physically sign an agreement that is clearly labeled as a lease, I will never accept being told that I don't own physical property that resides in my home.

Fuck Sony's software license agreement.

This, so much this. I love when people trot out this excuse like Sony/MS/Nintendo/SNK/Atari/NEC/Whomever are going to send you a letter one day telling you your license is up and to return the following list of physical games that you once purchased. If those licenses actually mattered we never would have been introduced to Windjammers.

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@brodehouse: Prefer that? No, because I wouldn't get it as it came out... BUT, if that were an option (Like, get streaming plus a disc at the end of the year for X more dollars) I would definitely purchase a disc subscription that let me get each year of GB streams on Bluray.

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I would have preordered it but all preorder deals were for the Xbone or the PC and I wanted the PS4 version. Reading reviews (specifically Jeff's Review) has put me into wait and see mode. Since Redbox has the PS3 version I reserved it and am going to pick it up and try it first. If I want it afterwards then I'll go grab the PS4 copy. If not, maybe I'll get Wolfenstein instead.

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@cornbredx: There's a demo on Steam. It plays like any FPS control wise, excluding the traditional point and click item combining and choosing your dialog options of course.

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@generic_username: I'd take that bet on this game going on sale. Rorher seems the type that will insist on remaining a man of his word. I think THIS game will never go on sale but every future game of his will still find their way to sales. I'm pretty sure that he knew that going in to this experiment which is why he's not saying 'all games I sell from now on' but instead limiting his wording to "The Castle Doctrine".

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Ya know, I know Rohrer is just experimenting with pricing and will realize with this game that it likely doesn't work as well as he thinks, but I almost feel like he's being manipulative more now than on some Steam sale, even if he's not doing it intentionally.

"Buy my game early, get it for 8 bucks, sure you don't know if it's good, but hey, it's cheaper now. When it launches, and likely has the most buzz and reviews it'll be 12 bucks. If it turns out to be good and you waited, sorry, pay a 4 dollar waiting to hear if it's good fee. Anyone else whether you're late finding out about it or you just don't keep up on games, you get an 8 dollar 'just hearing about it' fee."

Sure, there will be times where this could work out for the developer, and more power to him regardless of which way it goes, it's his game to do this with. BUT, coming from someone who picked up 2 copies of Diamond Trust of London DS because of the Quick Look done here on Giant Bomb, well after the 'pre' buy (Kickstarter) and after the release date (When the carts actually went on sale), I can promise him, if I'd heard that the game was 20 before I bought it for 30, it would have had a negative impression on me and I might have shied away from buying it at all. Not because I couldn't afford it, but because I'd have felt that I was being taken advantage of because I hadn't been 'in the loop' and got the game early.

That said, I'm not even offended by a prebuy price, those supporting the game getting made/finished maybe deserve a thanks, but banning sales that might pick up those who didn't seems foolhardy and a middle finger to those who didn't support it before.

This coming is from someone who has put 750 into a single game (Tesla Effect) via Kickstarter. I'm not against prebuying a game if A: I trust a developer or B: The game wouldn't be made otherwise, but don't punish everyone else who hasn't yet learned to trust said developer to always make good games or who was late to the party. That feels more icky than a Steam sale where someone might buy a game and not play it, having essentially wasted their 2-5 bucks.

Edit: Oh, and as my wife pointed out, we never did get around to playing Diamond Trust of London for months after getting it because we moved as it showed up and it got lost in the shuffle, so buying a game full price doesn't necessarily mean you will play it.

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@patrickklepek: Not to say they couldn't have used MORE Move games, but seriously, what marketing? Honestly, I don't remember one Move advertisement at all but I do remember Kinect ones.

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Fuck yes. I started watching NXT last week, loved it, saw it this week and when I saw that Cesaro match I just couldn't believe it.

Him VS Daniel Bryan a few weeks back was a moment where I went, "huh, Cesaro CAN wrestle sometimes... Maybe it was just Bryan making him look good."

However, after that NXT match, I realized Cesaro is just a great wrestler that just isn't getting the push/matches he deserves on RAW/Smackdown. In a few weeks he went from being one of my least favorites to one of my favorites.

The crowd was right at the end of the match, that is definitely contender for match of the year.

It's sad that the WWE's best competition isn't TNA or something else but their own amateur show.

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