Biggest gaming disappointments.

If you don't like this list, get over it. I'm not saying you can't like these games. I was just personally disappointed by them.

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Posted by Losfer

I definitely agree with a lot of this list.  Especially Nights: Journey of Dumb Title.  I've never actually played any of the Nights games, but watching Louise play that with it's minute plus long loading screens, God damn. 
And I lament that FFT became the defacto SRPG as well as opposed to SF.  I do like Tactics. but the "keep it simple" approach of SF is much cooler.

Posted by synthesis_landale
@Myau: wait wait wait... you married Louise without her forcing you to beat everything in Sonic Team's repertoire? I can't believe you've never played the original NiGHTS. I thought she would have crammed that down your throat years ago... she should have! o_O;;
Posted by Losfer
@synthesis_landale: Oh, she tried, but I can't get over the Saturn's graphics.  :P  Did watch her play through the game a few times though.
Posted by HellknightLeon

Holy... crap... You hate video games. Man oh man.... This blew my mind.