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Honestly, I don't think you're playing Fire Emblem wrong restarting chapters. What I found alluring about the series is the threat of death, the tension I feel each turn, wondering if I'm doing something stupid. Even when I restart the chapter, the tension is still there. I played XCom differently because for me, the tension was different, stemming from the lack of resources rather than characters. Characters just became another resource for me and I had no problems accepting their defeat.

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So, here's an update on my situation. I've upgraded my Internet to 50 mbs, and the videos are loading like a dream. To stream HD videos, I found you need a minimum of at least 25 mbs to not have any stuttering. (This is only my experience).

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Same problem! I have 20 mbs and videos are often stuttering on this site. It's become apparent to me GaintBomb is one of the few video streaming sites I go to because I promptly thought it was a problem with my ISP. Just before I was about to buy even faster internet, I did a speed-test where the lowest speed I got was around 16-17 mbs. Did both tests on my I-pad and PC. I'm also on the East Coast.

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For the love of god, can someone please give me the name of the group who does the song in the new Dishonored trailer. I understand it's a creepy version of "Drunken Sailor" but I'm just wondering if it's made specifically for the game or has an origin outside of it. I've been trying sooooo hard to find it :/