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I've been looking at them on the PS4 and they're all £50+ even for games that are a year old. Then they have a sale and bring them down to like £35 and claim it is a great deal.... like do people honestly buy digital games at all on these consoles? It's funny because most of these games launch £15 more than retail and at least with a retail copy you can resell it. However shortly after I find retail copies for £20ish and they're still £50 on the digital store. Right not Battlefield Hardline is £35 on sale from £50+ and yet It's only £39 on Amazon... so in reality it is a £4 sale, though I can buy the CD Key on the PC for £22 and not have to pay a subscription to play it.

I do not get how there isn't a bigger uproar over these prices, people have the nerve to say PC gaming is expensive... like yeah right all the games are less than half the price.

Video gaming is not a hobby for the poor. You're lucky games don't cost $120. Inflation and the costs of current gen development and advertising have sky rocketed since the days when The Legend of Zelda were sold in your local Toys 'R Us store. Gaming is a privilege not a right. Pay the cost of admission or play hoop and stick in the front yard.

Haha.. this guy.. Good job missing the entire point of the OP. Care to bold the section of his post where he complains the cost of gaming is too high? As far as I can tell, all he had done is raised a very valid point regarding the lack of value in a digital release verses the traditional brick and mortar. I don't really get your elitist attitude either.. you seem to either be stuck in some sort of 'check your privilege' feedback loop, or do you genuinely believe that gaming is for the upper echelon? Either way..

As far as the OP goes, I agree that there is a lack of value outside the US for digital purchases. In Australia a game as much as a month old can still be as much as $109AU, while you could pick it up in stores at launch for anywhere between $89 and 100. The explanation is pretty simple though. Publishers want to cut the middle man (stores) for more juicy profit (lack of manufacturing, transporting, and overhead), but the consoles require retailers to sell their products and accessories. In a way the consoles have become stuck in the middle now, and it's not that surprising that they'll charge whatever the publishers tell them to, even if it's absurdly disparate to what the competition is offering. For the people saying retail stores will be a thing of the past however, I'd like to disagree by challenging you to 3D print an xbox or something. The consoles will not be letting retail stores disappear any time soon.

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I chose PS4 more for the better premium services. PS+ supplies me with more games than I have time to play, so I'm yet to feel like I have nothing to do on that console. If you've just got to play the latest games to come out while they're still new, maybe wait till E3, but if you're just wanting to explore cross platform/indie hits, and aren't too picky about what comes put, PS4 seemed like the obvious choice for me.

Maybe its a non-issue for you too, but I personally prefer the PS4 controller this time around. The Xbone one just doesnt feel right, and I hate how the shoulder buttons are on a hinge this time. This is coming from someone who much preferred the 360 controller over the PS3 one last gen.

Plus they don't cram your home screen with advertising like xbox does (or at least the 360 did.. I've never used a Xbone more than a little).

As far as exclusives go.. I really don't know if it matters honestly. At the end of the day I just want to play something I'll enjoy, and I don't really feel like it has to be an exclusive. Not many exclusives are critical playing anyway.. (well.. except for Last of Us.. maybe thats worth a PS4 alone, if you never played it on PS3?)

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I'm sure this query has been posted here before, but I was interested in some suggestions for some good 2 player (preferably co-op) games for my girlfriend and myself. We're currently on other sides of the planet (Australia and US), so a lot of the obvious choices have got latency issues making them kinda.. unfun. There is a lot of co-op games on steam too, but we've found them to mostly be disappointing, buggy, or simply wouldn't let us find each other.

Just for the sake of some content in the OP, we've already played and enjoyed Portal 2, Civ5 (we team up and wipe out the AI), Left 4 Dead 2 (though it tends to be laggy), and Guild Wars 2 (though we'd like to stay away from anything MMOish).

She tends to like story rich RPG's, or anything that lets her be really annoying. I mostly like quirky or constructive experiences. I'm usually open to any new ideas though.

Shooters tend not to be good due to lag, and generally most 'competitive' games tend to often feel too light, or unsubstantial.

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I think they are great.

A great way for me to identify people I should avoid.

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Despite her annoying and unfunny introduction, I accepted her offer to join me.. because thats what you do in a Bioware game. I didn't use her in my party though, and never had a single clue what the hell she was ever talking about whenever I had to talk to her in base camp. After doing her story mission however, I actually ended up kicking her out of the Inquisition - with pretty reasonable cause (without spoiling anything).

Also: I'm pretty sure her character is inspired by 'Mr. F' from Arrested Development, so when people tell me they romanced her.. hmm..

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My parents first names actually are Mother and Father, so I guess thats a yes for me?

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Stupid games by stupid developers for stupid people.

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What the fuck is gamergate?

God, this 'subculture' is toxic. No wonder I've lost interest in it.

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It seems like this new 'Ello' network, which is still in a closed beta, has been getting a lot of press lately. I never got a Facebook since I found the fact they never really delete your information to be a little creepy, but the manifesto they have seems to be something I can get behind. It kinda reminds me more of Blogger or something, which I used to use over ten years ago.

Is anyone from here using it at the moment?

I'd love an invite code if anyone had a spare!

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I do not always think what Patrick writes is especially interesting, the retweets really do lack any sort of context, and I don't always agree with the opinions he presents, but Worth Reading is still my faveroute part of this website.

If you're the sort of person to post some tired kneejerk complaint about either it, or the author, perhaps you're some kind of idiot.

Also, that shit about Depression Quest is just disgusting. What the fuck is wrong with people?