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Stupid games by stupid developers for stupid people.

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What the fuck is gamergate?

God, this 'subculture' is toxic. No wonder I've lost interest in it.

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It seems like this new 'Ello' network, which is still in a closed beta, has been getting a lot of press lately. I never got a Facebook since I found the fact they never really delete your information to be a little creepy, but the manifesto they have seems to be something I can get behind. It kinda reminds me more of Blogger or something, which I used to use over ten years ago.

Is anyone from here using it at the moment?

I'd love an invite code if anyone had a spare!

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I do not always think what Patrick writes is especially interesting, the retweets really do lack any sort of context, and I don't always agree with the opinions he presents, but Worth Reading is still my faveroute part of this website.

If you're the sort of person to post some tired kneejerk complaint about either it, or the author, perhaps you're some kind of idiot.

Also, that shit about Depression Quest is just disgusting. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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I don't think I've ever bothered to turn my electronics off, and I doubt that I'm the only one on any flight I've been on.

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I can't be the only person who can see that the antichamber email is someone pretending they couldn't solve the first 'puzzle' for a laugh. Makes me sort of sad that it was replied to with a condescending email that somehow took it seriously.

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There is plenty of great multiplayer-only games in my steam library I've fired up and played with bots, but for me the bottom line is I really don't have any interest in playing with other people online. While I live in Australia, and have a high ping as a crippling handicap, the bottom line is it feels like poor way to spend my time - versing strangers online, who usually have no interest in talking. I'd much rather play something single player that has a story and an 'end'.

Plus I'm just not very competitive - why cant we all just get along?

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Just an update - I'm still not able to get any of the videos onto my iPhone, but for some reason the Deadpool quick look from 25/06/13 went on no problem.

(actually to clarify, I have downloaded the Lttle Dew quick look, which wouldn't sync, but haven't downloaded anything after the Company of Heroes 2 quick look, which also wouldn't sync. Deadpool is the only exception I've found thus far.)

You guys have other shit going on right now though.. it's cool. Just thought that might offer a clue to a seemingly isolated problem.

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Broadly speaking with genetics, there is always people either immune or highly resistant to just about anything - that being how evolution works. I figured that was the case with Ellie, but some of the later collectables did seem to say that the fungus had mutated in her. I don't exactly know how that works, considering that section she walked though all the spores, but really, I don't think it was important.

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I usually White Knight any game that will let me, and I managed to sneak my way through the whole hospital without any fatalities (other than the one in the cutscene). I got to the operating theatre, and tried to scare the guy with the scalpel with a warning shot, but it didn't seem to phase him, so he ended up getting the ol' scalpel to the neck. Ignored the other two, and ran the hell out of there.

I don't think that there would have been anything to gain from killing Ellie for her brain, and by that point, 'saving humanity' seemed a bit too little too late. By the end of it all, I'm not even sure what Ellie herself would have wanted to have happened.