A fix for crappy download speeds from Giant Bomb.

With the start of the new site a CDN provider has been changed to Akamai. This caused a problem for many users here and also for me.

Today I got pissed for not being able to watch new mailbag with close shots of Vinny in HD in HTML5 - it randomly stops and crashes. Why are download speeds lower and inconsistent now? I don't know (edit: are we directed to far away servers?), but the thing with CDN, which is a network of servers located in many countries, is that you are supposed to download stuff from a server located close to you. If you're in California, then you download from servers in California, if you're from Belgium you propably download stuff from Holland. Either way, there may be a situation when the server that's close to you simply sucks, or sucks just for downloading the content you want.

Now you might have though: Hey, so can I try using another server from say, Germany? Maybe it will work better? I'm on fucking Internet, I can download stuff from wherever I want, right? Yes, this is a fantastic idea! So how do you do that?

First you should check from what IP address (of a CDN server) you are actually downloading with these bad speeds. Open cmd and type:

ping v.giantbomb.com

Press Enter and see what this address is:

Checking v.giantbomb.com [ip address] <-------

Leave that window open and go to a website which does the same thing, but from many locations. That way you will have IP's of other servers, maybe other one will be much better?


I've got a good one on first try, I've picked one from California and, mind you, I live in Poland! So what do you do with that address?

Here is a way to do this on Windows: hosts file located in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\. This file is a common way to override an IP address of a given hostname. I'm not lying, look it up on the Internet!

Open this file in Notepad and at the end, in a new line type an IP address you chose from that website (try California first) and v.giantbomb.com, separated by 2 or 3 spaces, it doesn't really matter. Like this: v.giantbomb.com <--- this is a fake one, don't use it.

Save the file and restart your PC, or type ipconfig /flushdns in cmd and restart your browser, and try if it works. Use cmd and ping v.giantbomb.com again, it must point to the address you picked.

Now test the download performance from Giant Bomb. If it's not really better, try Germany, or Iceland, or UK, whatever. If this method doesn't work, then your internet sucks.

Edit: Responses to this post suggest also that some people are directed to servers which are far away, causing poor performance. Which is quite opposite to my situation described here. However, in that case you should try the nearest server.