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@itwongo: Nah, I added this after I read your reply. Good idea!

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The only thing more I could ask for out of QL Crew is a random order option


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I've been going through the backlog of UPFs and any from October and November 2013 is great.

Also, this might help you.

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This is still my go-to tool for finding old QLs (searching on the actual site leaves something to be desired). Would you consider putting a drop down box or slider for the number of people on the QL? I kind of want to search for videos with the largest numbers of people present.

Huh, this is a cool idea. I should be able to do it this week.


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Hire Rorie!

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I've never had a single problem with a 360 controller. I guess it's something with the PS4 one.

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@zelyre: Yeah, I was in the process of making changes to the main list of people. It was a temporary issue.

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@silver-streak: No, never. They don't seem to be interested in this.

@dudeglove: No, but I think I talked about it on first couple of pages of this thread.

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@jordan_mallory: I'll try to make that happen tomorrow. Maybe I should move Dave to guests at this point...

I'm working on redesigning the back-end. This will fix some of the functionality, like the search and playlists being separated to Quick Looks and Live/Premium.

Anyway, the site is getting more hits every month and it's been almost two years now. I'm not planning to drop the support anytime soon.