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So, hey. It's been a 3-day weekend here in Europe and I spent some of that free time working on a feature, that I wanted since live streams were introduced to my site. So here is this hot new feature:

Timestamps for stuff happening during streams, that are listed below the videos are now clickable! Check it out:

Hint: If you double-click on the video it will go to in-window fullscreen.

So it's all cool, but this is premium content... I can't let anyone watch UPFs and there is no official way to authenticate users. I have a solution to this problem by manually checking your member status and adding the permission to access premium videos on my site.

If you are interested in this feature and you are a Premium Member then PM me with your unique id from this link: and I will add you as soon as I can.

This is the best way I can do this right now and I will try to figure out a better, more efficient way.

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@behardy said:



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Fuck that.

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Use it on hard surfaces and keep the vents clean. If you have it longer than 2 years, then take it to a repair shop to have it cleaned inside and get the thermal paste and thermal pads replaced.

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@wampa1: You have to do a fresh install after replacing the motherboard. IF you can't, then SYSPREP may help.

Do it only if you can't do a fresh install right now, otherwise don't bother:

Stop wmpnetwk.exe in Task Manager
Win + R
type: sysprep
open sysprep.exe

Set it up like this:

It should finish in less than an hour.

After reboot it'll reinstall all hardware drivers and ask for a username, type in something other than your current username, logout then login to your account.

The only thing that's left is to install these in this order:
Motherboard drivers
Audio drivers
GPU drivers

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So i bought some thermal paste and re-attached the heat sync and fan to the CPU. I still idle around 50 degC. I ran Prime95 blend test for about 30 minutes and the temp was around 80-82 degC. All of my other temperatures are perfectly fine. 80 degC seems high to me, but maybe it's acceptable under full load. Advice? Keep in mind that I'm not overclocking or anything so I would think the stock cooler should be more than acceptable for my build.

I had a bad experience with the stock Phenom cooler as well. I replaced it with something with a bigger heat sink, probably from CoolerMaster. Water cooling is never necessary.

There is a chance that your temps will never be as high as with the Prime95, so you may be fine.

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Since I've never referred to my mom by her name, I can't see it being an issue.

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Great work.