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Metal Gear?

Snake's Revenge 2?

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@cooljammer00: It's a secret...

OK, here are some tips:

If it's up at 6, Vinny's in the mix. 100% sure when it's a small digital-only release that nobody mentioned on the Bombcast.

When multiple QLs show up at once in the upcoming box, they were probably recorded in a row with the same people.
If it shows up there before 10 AM Pacific? Only Beasts are capable of that.

A shooter? Jeff and Drew combo is a safe bet.

Everyone knows who plays fighting games on this site.

Dan - this is a tough one. He will play anything, but he gives some hints on the Bombcast. Same with Brad.

UPF and Bombcast are good sources for this info most of the time.

I spend too much time on this site.

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@owack6 said:

I was just listening to Jeff's Q&A from Pax South and apparently this quick look was taken down because of a DMCA from Rockstar.

Anyone know if there is any other place this video is available to watch, i would love to see the lost gem.

I have watched the original one and remember quite a few moments from it. They have made cuts to that version propably to meet Rockstars terms, but decided to not put it back on the site in that form. It was posted on the beta version of the site.

This version pops up when you google: Quick Look The lost and Damned.

To others, who've seen the original: BRO-THER-HOOD.

Never forget.

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@itwongo: Nah, I added this after I read your reply. Good idea!

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@itwongo said:

The only thing more I could ask for out of QL Crew is a random order option


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I've been going through the backlog of UPFs and any from October and November 2013 is great.

Also, this might help you.

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This is still my go-to tool for finding old QLs (searching on the actual site leaves something to be desired). Would you consider putting a drop down box or slider for the number of people on the QL? I kind of want to search for videos with the largest numbers of people present.

Huh, this is a cool idea. I should be able to do it this week.