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Trainer name: Tenpro

Friend code: 2638-1100-6658

Pokemon X

Type is bug :( I've been told one is a Butterfree.

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T67443 on Xbox 360

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I want to echo a lot of others thoughts and feelings. Ryan Davis had been a staple of my life at this point where I listen to the podcasts every commute to work I make. I'm sorry to hear he is gone but his memory will not be forgotten for a long time. I hope his family, friends and the rest of the bomb crew stay safe and I wish them the best.

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As someone who has a family of gamers I am leaning to the Xbox One, my 4 year old likes playing Kinect games, my wife and I like watching videos on the couch till she goes to bed and we can occasionally play an XBLA game together as a family.

I personally have been burned way too much from getting games back from friends scratched to hell or just out right completely missing. I also have had this OCD thing of never buying something used unless absolutely necessary (like when I had to rebuy Assassin's Creed and Brothers in Arms because of friends.) For me the lack of used games is not going to hurt me very much, in fact I would rather get all of my games from download services such as Steam.

In the state I live in there has not been a time in the last 5 years where the power has not gone out. Worse weather we got lately has been a huge blizzard that shut down most the area. Internet is something that I would only worry about if I was flat broke which if that was the case the Xbox One would really upset me but that would be a back burner issue.

Also big brother stuff is not a concern for me as I already carry my cell phone with me at all times while it always being on which has 2 cameras on it as well as a microphone that can work pretty well.

All that being said I probably wont get an Xbox One right away. I'll probably get 2 3DS one for the wife and I to play pokemon together, then after that either upgrade mine or both of our computers so we might be able to play a game or 2 together on that (or just so she can play a Sims game that came out this past decade.) Or maybe I'll even get a PS3 before hand if Final Fantasy 10-2, Kingdom Hearts Remake and Wonderbook are all things shes really seeing value in.

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Good stuff hope to see more.

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@EXTomar: All those choices were not available until the Crucible was added into the mix and Shepard was standing in the heart of the Citadel. Then he said that the only way to have Synthesis to work is for Shepard to be broken down piece by piece to upgrade/evolve all life to help avoid any synthetic life from destroying any organic civilization again. Thats what the whole series has been about story wise, Organic vs Synthetic and if there will be war or peace amongst the galaxy.

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Some people just want to complain and will never be happy.

The ending was fine, I don't think they should change it at all. In my universe the Reapers and Geth are dead, the universe needs to learn how to survive with out Reaper tech and Humans, Turians, Krogans, Volus, Elcor and Quarians are working together for better galaxy after standing up against the Reapers. The Galaxy is at a point where they can have future peace and my Shepard is a legend that has a story that is passed thru the ages.
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If want to donate to Child's Play donate to the charity. Don't donate to expect to get a reward. People asking for a refund because they find out that the Bioware is not going to change the ending puts those people in the wrong. Pounding your chest to show off that you are donating to something and that should make people listen to you and give in to your demands is also a childish mentality.

I think they should have just started a kickstarter instead.

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You still hold the stick backwards and then hit the attack button. Red turtle shells don't really work with this though.