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I tried to add my (free) character in the achievements page but it says the character doesn't exist, what do.

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@Styl3s said:

" @Mourne said:

" I love these people that pretend they don't pirate, ever. "

  Some of us actually buy our games, same with movies and music, people who pirate all this shit make me sick, get a job and buy it.  Can't afford the latest dvd/blu-rays? get netflix Can't afford the newest console game? get gamefly Can't afford the newest PC game you want? trade in other games or save up before hand, this game was announced how many years ago? you could of saved what? a buck 50 a month since the day it was announced and you could of bought this game.  problem with todays youth is they don't know how to save money, manage money and they expect everything to be free, not all of us are worthless people who expect everything to given to us or illegally get what we want, i have a job, i buy my games, music and movies. "
Well, that's funny, because Netflix and Gamefly are only available in the United States.
Additionally, it's a bit hard for students to get employed, so no thanks, I'll keep pirating my DS games. Maybe you were a spoiled brat whose parents gave fifty bucks a week, but I, for one, was only barely able to buy decent PC parts after two years of not spending anything.. No way I can afford games like that.
And I don't even pirate on the PC. I consider that to be quite an achievement, considering all the stupid hype games like Starcraft II get.
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Baww baww, someone isn't giving Starcraft 100%.

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The responses to the thread are more underwhelming than the thread itself.
It's funny, because I read a review for Starcraft II that claimed that the story was awesome, I guess all that hype made them (or the OP) crazy.

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$120 for one game is still expensive, and that's being really optimistic. It will probably be somewhere around $150. And if one has to own the first game to play the other races' campaigns, then it's even worse, because we won't even have the choice to pay less and get the content we want.
Then there's that shit with Premium multi player content.
One can hardly justify the cost of the game with the cost of Steam's free, Windows Live's free, why should Blizzard get a special treatment? They're just greedy as hell, they have plenty of cash to pay for their servers and then build a thousand pools filled with $100 bills.

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Yeah right, it's been said that the game is pretty much the same as the first one, gameplay-wise. As someone who's played the first game for a few hours, it would be completely impossible for me to play online at all. During the GB Starcraft II stream a few days ago people flamed what's-his-face for sucking when he's much better than me.
A few months ago I tried to play Starcraft online and it's just impossible for me to do anything because all the servers are set to Fastest, and/or all the players know what the fuck they're doing, build shit fast as hell and I don't even have the time to react before I get completely destroyed.

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@Ahmad_Metallic: Really? I finished the whole campaign on Insane and once I'm done getting the Grenade Launcher achievement I'll get my last promotion.
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...Do you realize the amount of work a Mac port would require?
Macs suck for games anyway.
Why do people whine about that shit, they shouldn't have released a Mac version of Steam in the first place, now all the Mac users expect game ports, like it's an easy thing to do.

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You're on a local server, I can't join it.