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I would say the pussycat dolls audience is intended to be men, but that's just me.

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I recently just watched the movie Traffic. After I watched the movie it got me thinking about other movies I had watched in the past. I realized some of them just didn't evoke such fond memories as I remember when I watched them. This prompted me to change some of my ratings on said movies. Do you guys think certain movies fall in same trappings as video games, and lose their effects as time goes along? In opposition, do you think certain movies also grow in nostalgic feeling as time goes along? If so, can you think of any particular movies that you can think of?

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@banishedsoul1: I was just thinking of this the other day. The reason why I think a lot of games are based in United States is because it is like not basing books or movies written in 1800's to 1940's in Britain or having to do with a British people. I think of it as the simple fact people find American setting intriguing even if they are not Americans because United States is "considered" by people to be the "dominant" country at this time, and because of that everyone knows about the United States with it's people and cities. Simply, as a developer are you going to choose America which has power to cause big scale wars, or are you going to choose another country like Kosovo. Sure Kosovo has wars, but are they that large in scale to have someone say "HELL YES!"?

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@Moriarty: Speaking as a person who lives in New England in the Northeastern part of USA, job opportunities in certain Northeastern cities are not the best the United States has to offer. New York often has a lot of jobs that require college education and/or connections to other people. Minimum wage jobs can be frustrating to come by in the Northeast part of the US when you are competing with people from the local area or other immigrants. Two things you got to know about United States is that US is in a recession so jobs suck, and outsourcing is so damn common that in my English and History class that I had two years ago we spent months talking about it. My recommendation as somebody from area is to choose the less overly glorified United States cities like Hartford, Boston, and so on. Lastly, remember 20th century New York, that is seen as immigration capital, is different than the modern New York, and as a key note don't listen to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Best of luck to you, don't take my words as gospel, but hopefully my viewpoint can give you more information to help you.

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@dudeglove: You did well sir on posting what was needed to be posted.

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Damn, that sucks.

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Hey, Giant Bomb community I arrived Portal 2 later then most, so now I looking for anyone willing to play some co-op with me. My gamertag is rumskitt.

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I still want to know why Ellen Page is in this?

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@Contrarian: I don't know about schools in the rest of US or in the country you are in but at my school in US moles and amu's are beaten into our heads as a measurement of a amount of matter.

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