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Rom is not that bad. I was knocked out a few times, but had much better success when thought about the parameters of the fight. I got the right armor on, got the right gear to kill the spiders. Learned the pattern for watching Rom and where the arcane meteor spell will hit relative to your motion at the time he casts. Learned the call sign and distance for his AOE. Beat him pretty easily, then got him the first time in the Chalice much later.

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Shadow Tower

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The real Dark Souls begins with Demon's Souls

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This is confusing. So they had a list that was generated somehow. Maybe a randomized pull from an entrant list? Then they lost the results table. Someone deleted it, or a routine server process deleted the table. Did they ever notify any of the winners? If not, it seems like more of a philosophy question than anything... If the list is gone but no one was ever notified, did anyone ever win at all? Why have they announced the disappearance of a list, instead of just running the query again and pulling a new data set? If everyone still has their equal shot at the prize, how has anyone lost anything? Other than Sony seemingly losing more of their dignity?

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Agape. It's the big love, baby

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The real demon's souls starts here

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So, you were playing Myst and Riven simultaneously, right? Because no one finishes Riven in one day. Unless you.... Cheated. You didnt cheat though, right? Right?

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If you're using the default controls, then hold down the square button. Tapping the square rotates consumables. This gives you a little flexibility to cancel out mid swig if you need.

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Glad to start seeing Souls inspired games. After DKS2, I feel like From has taken it as far as they can with that formula, and it'll be up to others to add value for a while. This game, even things like Below, Titan Souls, etc, are great competitors for my interest and dollars. Excited for it to become a genre rather than a series.

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OP just doesn't like gaming to be very difficult or require tons of critical thinking, which is a totally valid opinion and perspective.

I'll explain why I like Souls, even though it is an Action RPG with a relatively high challenge level and requires lots of adaptation.... Not a rogue like. Basically, I like solving puzzles and problems. I like developing solutions to tough questions. And, I'm good at those things. I also like a lot of different types of games, and don't require them to be challenging necessarily, I just enjoy it more when they are.

Wanted to stay out of it, but can't help myself: a game cannot be rogue like unless you stand to lose something you had at the start. If I die in Souls, I may lose time and some potential souls, but I'll always have basically at worst what I had at the start of that life. Punitive curses, scaling hollowing or whatever is okay, but is not the same. I've always wanted modes in Souls where you have a set number of "lives." You could always possibly get more in the form of limited items, but ultimately would be GAME OVER START AGAIN if you ran out. That, or have it set to where you had to buy a new life with a Soul Level (with some kind of obvious minimum)..... Then I'll call it rogue like and love it all the more. The End.