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Pretty sure the board told him to do something and he gave them shit about it. Or he boffed the wrong guy's wife.

Genuine unique assets are rare for a company. There is no one they can hire that would replace him, short term or long. Has to be some conflict.

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Try behind

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The online camaraderie makes it great. I remember several years ago needing to descent into a bit of aborted babies to kill some saint-demon. I kept getting crushed by Garland or whatever his name was, so I enlisted the support of some guy. He ran around in a thong, switched weapons back and forth to look like he was jerking off, and then made short work of Garland.

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I didn't turn to ADP until I was just below SL100 I think. So I had plenty of experience trying to squeeze in Estus drinks and so forth.... I was surprised how much easier the game was at ADP 25 instead of ADP 8. It is never going to show up in how much raw damage you're doing, but it does open the windows a lot further for the boss encounters where you need to execute 20 successful attack sequences in order to Victory Achieved. I'd start that first on a second playthrough, once I got to whatever base statistics were needed for my weapon of choice. You can always upgrade a weapon; there's no amount you can pay for speed.

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I wrote "mimicry ahead" next to the Ring of Binding chest. I just couldn't help myself.

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@handlas: Buy the key to the blacksmith's shop from the lady who sits by the bonfire before the first boss, by the ladder leading down. Open up the shop, warp away, come back, and you can repair your items.

Don't give up! You can do it!

What? Maybe I'm going the wrong way then. The "first" boss I'm referring to is the red-ish knight with the big shield and spear. I don't recall there being a ladder before that unless you are referring to the very beginning of the game.

That merchant I guess will appear on either route you take out of town. I went a different way and found her.

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I'm replaying Dark Souls these last couple of days. Some guy with fantastic upgraded armor and very high VIT invaded me at the Anor Londo screw bridge. He constantly turned for backstab and practiced turning and parrying my attack. After a few minutes, he gave me a Titanite Slab, then constantly kicked at me until I finally rolled off the side. This is the kind of thing you lose when you turn off invasions. Thanks for the Slab, random guy. My Royal Helm is now a robust +10 because of you.

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Come on guys. I left a bunch of notes all over that place: hidden door ahead

It would've been hard to find, but for the community features. I mean, didn't you get bored farming titanite off those slugs and just start beating the shit out of all the walls around there to cope with the depression?

What did you think the big secret was? A fucking plank shield?

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Prepare to be disappointed, if you want it to be the same game. I don't have any insight, but the arcade feel of the combating videos and the free to play nature of DD make me really skeptical. DD could still end up being good, but it'll probably be in ways other than Souls.

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DMS has a faster feel and has generic, unlimited healing items versus the more structured estrus system. It is also "darker" and more linear, whereas DKS to me seems a little more fantastical and Metroidvania inspired.