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game gets too easy to not starve at a point,if all your doing is grinding days then you can go on,its when you get cockey that you die.

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i played sr and leaened the game fine,i feel like people that play dom or co-op dont get the expiriance they need and being lv 30 means nothing now since all these 100 wins lv 30 started to show up,im not saying im really good or anything but before all this it used to mean something if you were 30,i mean sure you would get the occasional tt player but even that is a better option then dom,after all sr is the definitive map and game mode that makes the genre and all other maps are just mere distractions in the end.

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peple need to stop calling action rts games moba games i mean seriously,multiplayer online battle arena? that can be any multiplayer game out there,by this disciption call of duty is a multiplayer online battle arena.

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let me put it this way,playing an action rts game is like playing chess with four other people,just imagine the frustration that would come from that,its not like a fps game where you doing well can win the match for you, in most cases one bad player can lose you the game.

i try not to call out other players ingame but i do rage alot and if someone wants to blame others for their poor performance which happens too often as most think if they say how shitty one or all of their teammates are in all chat then there not the newb,it gets hard for me not to respond.

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i also have super moday night combat keys but thats a beta so it might not be that great,i already have got in to the beta but im trying to get one for my brother and one for my friend.

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so i finally got my key but i found out that they stopped giving 2 guest passes due to the massive amount of people selling them and all the beggars,now i cant invite my brother and friend and this makes me sad...well im still going to play and if there is a gb community group or chat channel ingame i would like to know,also if anybody wants to help a newb out and play with me http://steamcommunity.com/id/TACOB0Y hit me up.

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annie trist graves gangplank nunu sona taric trundle ramus amumu malz ashe blitz chogath jax morgana singed ryze alistar

looking for high level players to teach me how to be a better player,im not that good but will help newcomers if you hit mi up ingame.

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so im looking for some people to play with that wont be super tryhard and rage all the time so i made a team,the name is hemp milk and i want to have fun playing with chill people,not that i want to troll or throw games or anything i do want to become a better player and all but i want to have fun more then just tryharding so if your level 30(i think you need to be 30 to join teams) and want to join hit me up in the gb chat ingame or add me "TACOxBOY" on the na server,thanks for reading and good luck with lol.

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just wanted to help those who still have not been invited yet so post here with your steam id,if anybody has extra invites and would like to help the gb community please invite the people here,thank you.


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lost my save games twice due to computer problems(back when i had xp) thinking about reinstalling it and giving it another go because the 15~hours i played of it was amazing,its everything i wish fallout 3 was and everything deus ex tried to be(no offence to the deus ex fans out there but not being able to hit what i aim at made me go insane in deus ex)