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Sad to see you leave, but good luck in whatever your next venture is duder!


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As an animal lover, I hate when a pet dies or gets hurt in a movie. Marley and Me and the dog scene in I Am Legend both struck a major cord with me.

I also actively try to avoid watching Homeward Bound for this same exact reason.

Edit: I actually just remembered another one. Anyone seen End of Watch? That was pretty brutal too.

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That's really cool man. Great way to honor him.

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Absolutely agree. I hope they take as much time as needed and don't rush themselves back to work.

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Duder, you captured my thoughts perfectly, right down to the powerless feeling. Well said.

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Sigh, such a long and sucky day. All this still doesn't seem real, like I'm waiting for the big reveal of an elaborate joke...

Ya know, I don't post on here as much as I used to, but I really love you guys. It's like a second home here.

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Ryan, you will certainly be missed. Rest in peace duder.

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I saw this image a few days back. Gotta say orange on black (1st col, 4th row) is my favorite.

Fake wood grain!

Right there in the middle.

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It would be awesome if it was included in with the usual PlayStation Plus sub, but if not I would feel comfortable paying about the same as Netflix. Anything over $10 a month and I would pry end up passing on it.

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I think they'll be fine, like you said while the Wii U isn't selling awesomely it is not gonna be a company destroying bust. Also if I'm not mistaken since they dropped the price of the 3DS it's been doing very well.