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As an animal lover, I hate when a pet dies or gets hurt in a movie. Marley and Me and the dog scene in I Am Legend both struck a major cord with me.

I also actively try to avoid watching Homeward Bound for this same exact reason.

Edit: I actually just remembered another one. Anyone seen End of Watch? That was pretty brutal too.

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That's really cool man. Great way to honor him.

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Absolutely agree. I hope they take as much time as needed and don't rush themselves back to work.

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Duder, you captured my thoughts perfectly, right down to the powerless feeling. Well said.

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Sigh, such a long and sucky day. All this still doesn't seem real, like I'm waiting for the big reveal of an elaborate joke...

Ya know, I don't post on here as much as I used to, but I really love you guys. It's like a second home here.

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Ryan, you will certainly be missed. Rest in peace duder.

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I saw this image a few days back. Gotta say orange on black (1st col, 4th row) is my favorite.

Fake wood grain!

Right there in the middle.

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It would be awesome if it was included in with the usual PlayStation Plus sub, but if not I would feel comfortable paying about the same as Netflix. Anything over $10 a month and I would pry end up passing on it.

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I think they'll be fine, like you said while the Wii U isn't selling awesomely it is not gonna be a company destroying bust. Also if I'm not mistaken since they dropped the price of the 3DS it's been doing very well.

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@leebmx said:

I will be very interested to see how they will present this if this does actually turn out to be the truth. I can't imagine it will be something they mention at any press conferences so it will be interesting to see how they slip it out

Or they will simply try to spin it as a bonus by saying something like "now you are always connected to what your friends are doing."