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A Flawed but Enjoyable Experience 0

I played the first first Dungeon Siege and it expansion and enjoyed those games quite a lot I never got around to playing DS 2, but regardless this game is extremely different than the first two.Note: I just kind of grabbed these images from the site, I did not take any of these images.Concept artGameplayThe game is an action RPG, sort of similar to Fable and Dragon Age, on the 360 controller you press A to do the basic attacks and the other face buttons are mapped to special skills and abilitie...

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A Pretty Bland Experience 0

Short and Sweet: Dont buy this game, rent it beat it send it back.Game Length: six hoursStory and Environment:This is where Call of Juarez shines the unique feeling of the setting and environment of the Wild West is pretty well done and the voice acting in my opinion was pretty spot on excellent stuff and they nailed the Wild West. Whether its the pretty awesome back-drops of the sandy areas or the wild west towns, or the forests full with Indians the game really brings home the story and enviro...

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A Perfect Trip Down Memory Lane 0

Short and Sweet: great game!!!!!! loved every moment of it, no major complaints if you like humor and adventure go buy this game its great the jokes are even better with voice acting and the graphics are sweet and add a lot to the game.Game Length: about 5-6 hours, 1.5-3 if you rush through and skip all of the dialogueLong Review:My History with Monkey Island:Monkey Island is very very dear to me and I have loved all the games when they came out. I discovered Monkey Island by playing Monkey Isla...

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Fun Game That Outweighs The Flaws 2

SHORT AND SWEET: In Overlord 2 you play as a evil dude who has minions to do his evil deeds the game does have some pretty annoying issues about checkpoints and where to put them, also some camera issues however I think the atmosphere, story-line, core-gameplay and dialog more than make up for the faults of this game, to me those things are what set this game apart from the rest of the pack buy this game if you dont frustrated easily and enjoy  RPGs like Fable. LONG REVIEW SOME FACTS WITH...

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