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Every six or seven months I dream that I'm playing the real Duke Nukem Forever, not that shit that shipped.

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Good luck man.

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I could have sworn that we knew this already, maybe it was that when it was called just the fox engine they talked about it being pc combatible

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Man, this "WHY IS BIOSHOCK INFINITE A SHOOTER" thing irritates me. BioShock Infinite HAS to be a shooter. That's the best way to convey the setting. Columbia is a dangerous, dark, violent place. If the entire game was just exploring the city without incident, that would not be true to the story. Comstock is a dangerous, violent man. Booker DeWitt is a dangerous, violent man who has committed horrific atrocities in his past and this is his last ditch effort to save himself. There is no other way for anybody or anywhere in the game to be.

Here, here.

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This is all starting to seem like valve is making a cry for help

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Terrible news

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Let me just say this as someone who spent money on games and computers as a student. If your money comes from loans that need to be repaid then do yourself a favor and decrease the loan amount if you have enough money to upgrade your computer. Take as little out as possible and of what you do get back, spend as little of that as possible. If your loan service offers to let you pay interest while you are still in school, then pay the interest with the leftover money. In five years you'll be thanking me. Paying back loans is incredibly tough in this economy. And student loans can never be forgiven. Government loans will be cancelled only if you die or are permanently disabled. Private loans don't forgive until you are dead or you have paid the money back. And if your parents co-signed they will have to pay that money back even if you were to die before paying it back. It may seem worthwhile now to get new games and computer parts. But when you graduate and have to spend 80% of your monthly paycheck paying back loans you will really regret it. I sure know both I and almost all the people I talk to did.

Good Advice

but if you do decide to spend that "wind fall profit" I'd go for a high efficiency modular power supply

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For some reason fraps did not record the mumble chat, but here's some video.

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