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You can't say he didn't live a long life. You're super lucky if you live to a 100! RIP good sir, I still love playing pinball machines whenever I see one!

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You bought stolen goods, you are a criminal, no better then pirating them.

Criminal scum.

This was perfect haha

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Dragon Age 2 by far.

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I'll play for a while and try everything I can think of. Sometimes I'll sleep on it and figure it out during the next play session. If I still can't get it, I'll look it up. If it's for open world games like Fallout or Skyrim I'll usually search when I am too lazy to do it myself.

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Majora's Mask is one of the best Zelda titles

Final Fantasy 7 is over rated

Final Fantasy 9 is the best 3D Final Fantasy

Most sports games are stupid

Mass Effect had a better story than Mass Effect 2

Grand Theft Auto is just an OK franchise

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My girlfriends family has two Wiis and they are usually used at the same time for Netflix. Also she uses the account when at my house on my Xbox, PS3, and Mac. We both have used it on our iPhones and iPad as well. Not sure if Hulu is as flexible but Netflix is insanely convenient for the cost.

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@Rasgueado: I almost completely agree with you!

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@TorMasturba: haha, yea my professors usually stop every 5-15 minutes and say "guys come on, settle down!"

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I know I am pretty late to the game here, but I've been playing a lot of this game lately! It's not so much that the game is amazing, it just has moments that are really good. I honestly can do without most of the challenge stages. Sometimes the camera is really annoying, and sometimes I fall through walls and floors for no reason, but for the most part it's a fun game.

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@clstirens: yea I just added an edit to my original post asking that. it's not really the idea that school isn't needed for me, it's the mentality that you aren't worth anything without it. It's the lack of choice one has in the courses they can take, it's the ridiculous costs of tuition and textbooks, and it's the professors that can't/don't want to teach.