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Patrick, thank you for writing this article. Giant Bomb can cover serious, personal issues while still making silly videos. My one criticism is with this: "All three cases have come in the wake of GamerGate, a rhetorically loud hashtag ostensibly about problems in games journalism, but one that has been mired in incidents of extreme harassment."

The problem here is that GamerGate IS harassment. That's the point. It hasn't been mired in the harassment, it exists to harass. Actual problems with games journalism are being completely ignored, or actively encouraged, while GamerGate destroys the lives of every woman in the industry who won't conform to little boys's standards. Don't try to play nice by making it even sound like there's some merit to their claims of corrupt games journalism, because the harassment overshadows it, IS it, and ignores actual corruption anyway. Please don't be afraid to dismiss GamerGater-s (or maybe just "gam3rz") from the site entirely.

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Competition. Not to say EA's initiative will be good (because EA), but if subscription models start being served up per-publisher it means there will be less of an incentive to subscribe per-console manufacturer. It's the cable company/cable channel dynamic again.

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This is a really great progressive move from a company that's been relatively shitty on the business and creative side for the past several years. A Netflix-style model where you give an annual fee to access all a publisher's forthcoming/previous titles would benefit consumers with an overall lower price point and might(?) give the publisher more money overall than each game would at 60 a pop. Now, it's EA, so surely they'll find a way to screw things up. But the idea is sound. I pay for Netflix, Amazon Prime, PlayStation Plus, and the WWE Network, and all have been very good deals that save me money in the long run. Just imagine if Valve or Nintendo or even a small developer like Devolver Digital adopted this idea (it's basically a Patreon). People would eat a valuable subscription service up.

Those who are negative on this are letting their rightful distrust of EA initiatives blind them to the actual words in the actual news story. And if there's a section out there that really hates the idea of saving money while positively supporting publishers (EA or otherwise), well, they're the same people who would've said streaming movies was for dumb idiots back in 2007.

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Disappointing to see @danryckert behaving like this on twitter every time something world cup football is happening.

Behaving like a common internet troll? Really?

Also Dan, if you're reading this, people are not mentioning pro wrestling during your sad trolling attempts because they think wrestling is a sport. They mention it because they think pro wrestling is terrible / way worse than football.

It's not funny, it's the kind of behaviour people would be reprimanded for on Giant Bomb by the mods/staff.

One of the things that has really pleased me about the World Cup is the way lots of Americans have tried to look past their silly nationalistic sterotypes and join in this big party the rest of world is having. Dan's tweets just seem bitter and lonely. I love that Brad has made an effort to try and understand why so many people love this sport and feel passionate about it enough to get emotional.

I was really prepared to give him a chance because I trust Jeff's judgement, but the more I hear from him, the more I fear that he is just a closed minded bore with nothing new to offer this site. I really hope I am wrong. All this chat about 'wimps' and how stupid it is to cry just seems the sort of thing the typical US college-jock bore would come out with - really hope I am wrong. I come to Giant Bomb to get away from those sorts of attitudes.

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I'm excited to play this a year after release when a "Game of the Year/Complete" Edition appears on Steam at a reasonable price.

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It's funny that in the same week John Cena won the WWE World Heavyweight Championships in a ladder match against several opponents that many fans and outsiders - myself included - would have loved to see be given a run with the titles instead, Giant Bomb hired on essentially two John Cenas. Very safe choices that probably won't change the status quo all that much but is met with a very resigned sigh.

I can see why it happened this way. It absolutely makes sense. That doesn't make it any less desirable.

I agree with what you're saying but in my mind I'm witnessing Cesaro on a quick look and Zoe Quinn winning a ladder match.

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@jaqen_hghar: I agree with most of what you say, but it's important to note that multiple women who applied would've been "the best choice." There are a bunch of people who are all cool and would work well here, all with slightly different perspectives, of course, so then it becomes a question of diversity. Dan isn't objectively better, he's just a best choice among multiple best choice applicants.

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Oh, just another thought that is floating in my brain from before and need to dump here:

The idea that there are two separate decisions to be made in the hiring process, "qualified" and "diverse", is generally incorrect. There are a great number of games writers who can fit on the GB staff while also providing new perspectives. It's not an either-or conundrum. The reason why people aren't questioning if Dan will fit on staff is because he's already proven himself on past livestreams and Powerbombcasts. There are writers of different genders and races that can fit just as well, they've just been minimally highlighted here or not at all. I don't think the quality of the site would go down if Cara Ellison or Maddy Myers had been hired instead of Dan. Dan is cool and I'm happy to see him here too, but yeah. It's not this-or-that. They're all people.

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@rorie: I am generally in agreement, but won't mess with it on this site anymore! Thanks for all you do Rorie, I hope the GB staff can understand how much I care and that I'm not ever trying to come across as a butthole or anything. You all mean a lot to me.

on-topic: when are you hiring that jeff green guy

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@tadthuggish: Nothing she has said anywhere is going to excuse people sending her death threats. Ignore people if you disagree with them; don't attempt to silence them.

Exactly. People need to stop pointing at other people as saying "but look at what a huge clown that person is" as if it is some sort of excuse for anything. Her comment would have gone no where if no one had responded. But here we are because people decided to respond. It was their choice to do so.

Never excused a thing, duder. I think it's awful.