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Recklinghausen, north rhine westphalia, germany

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@MiniPato: @Terramagi: @EveretteScott: Unfortunately it seems to be unplayable for me on normal too, unless I try the same mission (but just the one...) over and over again. Enemies that spawn on top of me and take out all of my soldiers (Floaters, Chryssalids, Cyberdiscs, Mutons), and the elevation gets stuck on the roof so that my soldiers can't enter the door they are standing beside and instead run to the roof.

I really like this game, and would like to see the end, but I don't know what to do with this mission I keep retrying. It's a UFO landing site and it seems to be of moderate importance because Dr. Shen talks to me at the beginning.

It would be nice to have a more useful grenade aiming mode. It's a bit twitchy, but that is just a small issue and there are larger ones that need to be dealt with.

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@StinkyPete: I also thought the janky roof thing wasn't a problem with a scrolling mouse, but as of today I can't get to any level other than roof for a downed UFO. My people are standing outside a door, and they can't go through - only onto the roof one story above. As a result, the mission is unplayable.

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@Pinworm45 said:

My guess is they'll be bought up. They'll likely make some kind of long term recovery after that.

As for the real question of buying stock, I'd say no, to volatile. Of course, Volatile = risky, and risky can occasionally equal big rewards. It's on you to determine whether or not it's worth it. If you choose to buy, just follow the rule of assuming you are literally throwing that money away so you won't depend on it and be fucked if things go bad.

I agree with Pinworm - I'm also looking into buying a few stocks, but only as much as I am willing to "throw away". So not much.

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@unreal999: I didn't take this article to be about the fighting community as a whole at all. I saw it as a reflection on gaming as a whole still being a club that sometimes says really awful, offensive things. It is completely appropriate to draw attention to the way people are treated and it would be great if conversations like these eventually change what is appropriate to say to other gamers.

I know I'm oversensitive, but I still love to play games. It really detracts from my fun though when someone says they want to "rape" another player. I by no means am delusional and think that's actually what they want to do, but I still see one of my many friends that were raped and the pain they still have. It goes beyond name calling and into actual offense.

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My two cents: I love gaming, though fighting games aren't my thing. This sort of casual sexism is in other communities as well, and there can often be a general negative atmosphere for people who are a bit sensitive (like me). I'd still like to play with other people, but have confined myself mostly to split-screen because I don't want to play with other people who might think it's okay to insult people. It seems juvenile, and yeah, I hate it.

@Harkat said:

Stuff like "rape that bitch!" in gaming contexts is not particularly offensive to me. The group of buddies I play CoD or Battlefield with use the word "rape" interchangeably with "own", as in "I'm owning/raping these guys so hard right now!". I honestly don't believe there is anything sexist behind it. To imply that it is hateful specifically to women would in my opinion be to marginalize male rape victims.

I know that "rape" doesn't always mean the dictionary definition, but when you know people who have been raped (and spoken to you about it; statistics say 1 in 6 US women has experience either rape or attempted rape), it's still very upsetting. As more women join, the chance of someone who has actually been raped reading that increases, and I'm sure very few of the people who make such comments would mean harm. While you are right about the last statement, of course, the vast majority of rape victims are female.

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@The_Laughing_Man: I knew I wanted to wear Ebony armor so I went heavy armor. I'd never played a 2 handed weapon before so I went for Greataxes. I'm a Nord so I have high frost tolerance. I loved the smithing and enchanting skills, and I'm a sucker for alchemy so I have pretty high in all three, without doing random crafting to bring them up.

Unfortunately even dragons aren't an issue, unless they just buzz me. I am really weak to those hargravens and high-level mages, but otherwise my biggest concern is my companion not dying. I've thought of not bringing someone with me, but I really like Erik the Slayer. He's afraid of the dark and of caves, and is genuinely surprised that he doesn't miss farming.

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Hey guys - I inadvertently "gamed" Skyrim and now it has become too easy. I'm looking for a decent difficulty mod.

I looked at TES Nexus and I see there are two: Intense Difficulty and Custom Difficulty. They seem to only double (or likewise multiply) the damage received and half (or divide) the damage dealt. Has anyone tried these out? Or have one to recommend?

Does anyone know if that's just what the difficulty slider in Oblivion did? I felt I got different, harder enemy types and more enemies. Is that accurate?