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This is fucking awesome! I really like the red version of Daves character. XD

Would either creators care to explain how they were made? I'm curious.

I'm not one of the creators, but they look a lot like Warhammer miniatures that have some clever customization. Those often come in pieces (like arms, set of legs, torso, head, weapons) and then you sort of cement everything together based on the equipment you want the units to use while playing and paint them.

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Well, it seems like you already know what to do, wait it out until there's a good reason to buy one of them. I'd suggest holding out until this time next year, since not only will the two machines have had the opportunity to distinguish themselves but also you'd be looking at holiday bundles and other deals potentially containing games that you want. It will also probably be just about the end of the line for the X360 and PS3, both new systems will have some real exclusive games, and hardware issues will probably have been addressed at this point. I mean, a year is a pretty long time for a gaming console. Though it probably won't save its rather dismal sales, even the Wii U is making a pretty strong showing of worthwhile games from this month to the end of the year.

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Speaking of Red XD


Where's this from?

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Isn't the top rated game this year The Last of Us so far? I also suspect that many of the people writing user reviews may not have actually purchased or played Gone Home and are doing so on some kind of principle. Either way, clapping yourself on the back for having superior common sense and/or game taste to the dudes who write Metacritic user reviews seems kinda pointless.

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Shoals is my waifu. Love playing with her although can someone riddle me this does everyone have the "glowy red rage mode" shit? Shoals two meter moves are flying and a quick backwards float but yet one time I activated the "rage mode" stuff. Only thing I'm really clueless about.

Also god damn I about fell out of my chair laughing at stream monster. His dialog is twitch.tv chat spam. Its so fucking good. Oh god its just so fucking good.

That's Kick Factor, which everyone has. You automatically go into Kick Factor when you fill up your meter, then your meter starts depleting and you leave Kick Factor when it runs out.

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@arzen said:
SizeNew PriceOld PriceDiscount
4 GB$15$2025%
8 GB$20$3033%
16 GB$40$6033%
32 GB$80$10020%

A third less for the 8GB and 16GB cards is a pretty significant discount, though I feel like the 32GB would have been more in line somewhere between $60 or $70. Of course that's just compared to their previous MSRP. All of them still cost pretty much twice as much as what they should.

The thing that sucks about this is that Amazon was already selling them at these prices. Maybe it'll convince them to drop the prices more or something. I hope so, cause this is the shittiest thing about owning a Vita. It's not even a lack of games anymore, cause a lot of cool stuff is coming to the platform. The problem is, a lot of that content is in the form of digital only indie games. And you can't get them all with a tiny ass memory card.

Totally agree with this! If I can get a 32GB one for like $40-45, I'll probably pick one of those up. As it stands now, I've got a 16GB one for US stuff and a 8GB one for playing PSO2 and random Japanese game demos, and both of those are feeling tight. I think I payed $30 for the 16GB and $15 for the 8GB, so half price isn't that unreasonable to hope for, I guess. The Vita sort of sneakily got a bunch of good games (admittedly, most of them are also on PC or other platforms, but Spelunky on the go sounds great), but that initial hurdle to owning one still kinda sucks.

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Already have one, but if the price cuts are good enough on the 32gb memory cards, I might pick one of those up. Sony seems to finally have a vision for the system though, which is great to see for my own sake owning one.

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I hate DOTA's model and will probably never invest a dime in that game because paying $2.50 for something random is dumb.

You could always buy the thing you actually want instead of keys. Opening chests is really more like playing the lottery than buying a cosmetic item, the real reason to do it is for the chance at something worth hundreds of real life dollars. You just get something else a consolation prize 99% of the time so it isn't actually gambling.

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It seems ridiculous to me that some people on either side of the worth it/not worth it argument surrounding Gone Home are somehow unwilling to accept that there's validity to the other side. I mean, you'd think that people looking at reviews and buying video games would know their own individual tastes well enough to determine if a well-reviewed 3 hour game with little to no replay value for $20 makes sense for them. I'd go even further and say that people can probably determine for themselves if the game will merit a replay based on their tastes. You'd also think that people would realize that the value proposition is different for literally everyone else considering buying a game, so passing judgment on price is probably irrelevant unless that's part of the angle in your reviews.

@gregalor, I'm not sure if you're the type of person who only ever watches movies, listens to albums, reads books, or visits museums once, but my experience dictates that people revisit those things not necessarily expecting them to be different, but expecting a different experience. I might watch a movie or read a book a second time knowing what the twist or ending is in order to look for foreshadowing. Similarly, after slogging through a game with bad controls, I might play Super Mario World not because I expect it to be different on my umpteenth playthrough, but because I expect it to be the same - the mechanics of that game are nearly perfect and it still feels great to play. Is it really that hard to believe that some people might expect and extract a different value out of games they purchase? Last question can be directed at those who feel Gone Home doesn't deserve its praise (not just that you would rate it differently, but that reviewers are wrong) too.

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They should release it without the kinect. 2014 sounds like a good time.

That seems like a bad idea to me. I would have much rather seen them continue with the connected Kinect requirement for, say, a year and a half to two years and then evaluate whether or not they should sell a Kinect-less SKU. But maybe that's risking too much of the business if we're looking at a PS4 that's got something like triple or quadruple the preorders of the One. I'm no Kinect fan, but the only realistic chance it has at catching on in a big way (and maybe finally getting games worth playing or, just to set the bar a bit lower, work properly) is a large, guaranteed install base that seems to be quickly slipping away. Strangely, it seems worse to me that they're making all of these changes to try to sell the box to people like me who are pretty sure they don't want a Kinect instead of even making an attempt to convince me that maybe I do. The short term reasoning is sound for sure, since the people who will be lining up to buy systems on launch day are the ones who really, truly give a shit about games and who loudly complain about them on the internet, but any long term plan they had to shake things up seems to be out the window now. Maybe it doesn't work without the short term, since the WiiU seems to be sinking even with the ultimate long term guarantee - that eventually some of those amazing, inventive exclusives and first party titles will be released and there will be a real reason to own the system.