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Since I didn't see anyone post anything about the beta/stress test going on today/tomorrow...

Download is up on the eShop now, about 560 MB. The beta will be online for 3 different 1 hour segments:

May 8th - 11pm-12am ET (8-9pm PT)

May 9th - 7-8am ET (4-5am PT)

May 9th - 3-4pm ET (12-1pm PT)

Nintendo putting their spin on a shooter is really interesting, planning to check it out later!

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Haven't finished the game and haven't really been keeping track of how many times I've died to anything but the non-chalice bosses but:

  • Cleric Beast: 2
  • Father G: ~8
  • Blood Starved Beast: 4
  • Vicar Amelia: 3
  • Witches of Hemwick: 0
  • Shadows of Yharnam: 0
  • Darkbeast Paarl: 3
  • Rom: 2

In what order did you guys kill the Shadows? Using my MMO training, I killed the caster first, then the Flamesprayer one, then the melee one last.

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@ripelivejam: @pierre42

I mean, it's not a huge deal to me one way or the other since I'm going to watch and listen to most of the stuff that gets put on the site anyway, but Jeff liking and continuing to play Bloodborne means I'm getting more podcast and video content on a game that I enjoy, which is pretty cool. His perspective on the game is pretty different from Brad and Jason now that he's getting into it, so it's cool to hear from someone for whom these games are fresh.

Also, as someone who has been on board with these games since about the end of 2009, seeing the site's progression from the original Demon's Souls QL with Vinny saying "this thing is weird and kind of clunky but I think there's something to it" while everyone else thought he had lost his mind, to a point where a majority of the duders are enjoying the latest game has been pretty cool!

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Based on the talk during this week's Bombcast, it seems like Jeff has turned a corner and he now sees the appeal of Bloodborne (and by extension, the rest of the Souls games), or at least he is seeing the same things that appeal to me. He says something along the lines of "it's not hard, you just have to pay attention to the enemies" which, while I disagree with the notion that the game isn't hard, is about half of what I like about these games - the other half being exploration. I will say that I don't understand where the Bombcrew is finding all of the internet hyperbole about how these games are incredibly hard. I always thought that people talked about how these games were hard but fair - that even the regular enemies can make quick work of you, but all of the combat systems are laid out plainly and you just need to avoid getting cocky or failing into traps - but maybe I just haven't followed the conversation about these games closely enough. I have always thought that's why the response to people complaining about these games being unfair is always "get good," because the games are so rarely unfair or extremely difficult, and you always have the in-game tools needed to defeat your enemies. Also, while I haven't finished the game yet, I have the impression that Bloodborne is more forgiving than its predecessors, which makes the difficulty talk on the Bombcast extra confusing for me, but I guess it could just be that I have become better at these games with practice.

Anyway, I think it's cool that Jeff has been sticking with Bloodborne and I hope he feels like he's getting something out of the time that he's putting into it. I'm excited to see some more of him playing it on the site this week!

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@flstyle: Player power levels are pretty different between Souls games/Bloodborne and character action games. I haven't played the Bayonetta games, but generally you are vastly more powerful than the majority of the enemies that CAGs throw at you, the only real threats to you besides bosses are huge mobs of enemies. I won't say that every enemy in a Souls game is a serious threat, but the games regularly pit you against enemies for which you are an even match, will kill you in ~3 hits, and sometimes even have your same moveset. Then, they start to send more than one of them at you at a time and you have to improve to move past. The bosses (or the good ones, anyway) stack the odds up against you pretty heavily, with monsters that are some combination of much larger than you, faster than you, more damaging than you, or more numerous than you and you're left to figure out how to deal with it.

I liked Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox a lot because of the fact that most of the enemies you fought were threatening and not just a nuisance on the way to the boss.

On topic - I would stress that upgrading your weapon as much as possible is generally the priority over pumping any stat for damage, you will get a much better return for souls and materials invested.

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Did they make it any easier to get Titanite Chunks in SotFS? Having to keep 2 weapons upgraded with the most current materials sounds a little tedious, though I usually use strength weapons (that tend to have higher durability) in these games anyway.

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I like Vinny and Alex together, but I wish there was a little more variety to it sometimes; it does feel like all of their Quick Looks follow more or less the same script. I think finding the GBEast newsperson will help shake up some of their videos and keep the Vinny/Alex dynamic fresh. It's like it was around 2.5-3 years ago when like 85% of Quick Looks had Patrick in them and like 40% were Patrick/Brad. It's not that I don't like Patrick or Patrick/Brad, it's just a bummer when that's the only thing on offer at a site that has a bunch of good personalities.

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I did exactly this, played about 10 hours on my original, small 3DS and then transferred over to a New 3DS XL. No issues transferring the game data over, but you do have to follow the arcane system transfer process which took me about an hour to do even though I did the fastest method of using a PC to copy data from my regular size SD card to a microSD. Even though I originally just wanted to play on a larger screen, I have to say that the C-stick nub is a revelation. It makes control feel so much smoother and I can have quick access to a few more items on my bottom screen now that the virtual D-pad isn't taking up that space.

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I'll just echo what everyone else already said, Magic is probably the best "true" TCG/CCG out there and has a ton of different ways you can play solo or with other people, physical or digital cards. That said, most of those options (basically anything besides DotP, the ~$15 yearly video games) have the potential to cost hundreds of dollars pretty quickly! If you want a duel-style card game that (theoretically) doesn't cost as much, Netrunner is supposed to be really good. You basically have to make sure that there is a local scene or you have a sparring partner to play with though, otherwise you can't get anything out of it.

I wouldn't buy Star Realms, it's a deck builder and not all that great, but you can try the phone app. If you want a deck builder, Dominion is my recommendation.

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@tits_matador: I don't know if this is staying true to Ric Flair's backstory since my only wrestling exposure is through this site, but I thought Dan was making him more plausible as a first level character by having Sir Ric be a disgraced champion who is recovering from an injury (which made him take a heel-turn as well). If he's playing it the way I would, his level advancements will be Ric regaining his old strength or discovering new moves he can use without agitating his injury. That sounds like an a-okay way to roleplay that kind of character!