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@Vital: Vital, as i said eariler, i was in the exact same boast as you and got the same results. Playable to a publisher basicaly means will it run, and 20fps is defiently "playable", console versions are running that, but its not an enjoyable experience

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This means your cpu is holding back your gaming experience. I had a similar issue and did abit of testing to find out. I had a C2D e6600 oc to 3.4ghz with a gtx 260. When running battlefield 3 at any graphical setting, the fps would barely change, ie 20 fps at low, 20 fps at ultra. I originaly upgraded my gpu to a 560ti, but only saw maybe a 3-5fps increase. I then ran some monitoring programs in the background to see that while my cpu was getting 100% usage, my graphics card was barely going over 20%. My CPu was holding back my GPU. Now ive got a i2500k oced to 4.6ghz, my cpu across 4 cores(compared to 2) is getting between 70-90% usage and my gpu is finnaly getting to the 80-100 usage it should. Conclusion You need to upgrade your cpu

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The only thing i would really change is get rid of the green hd for a black. Your putting power in this machine that will be held back by a slow ass harddrive. And i mean really slow, the only thing the green hdd are good for is mass storage.

You wont need 750watts to power this, so if you want to save a little do it there. Same with ram, 16gb's is a bit of overkill unless doing high end photo/video stuff

Last few things are personal preference. If your putting this in a bedroom/living room, just remember the noise and light that your computer will give off. The more fans and lights, the worst the external environment will become. So i know its "cool" to have a case light up, but in the long run, having your room lit up like the fourth of july and the noise gets tiring. A nice case like the Antec Sonata is quiet:


Lastly i dont know what motherboard you picked(your link is only to the cpu) but for a general user who will not overclock their cpu, there is no reason to buy a motherboard that cost more than 100$. 50$-80$ motherboards will be perfectly fine.

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the servers have been a mess the last few days. Also if the servers are down when you login, the game simply plays like normal(minus the ability to compete in global challenges) until the next time you log in and the servers are up.

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I was relentlessly bullied to the point that i have restraining orders on people and my parents moved to get me away from schools. Now i am not an "ugly" person, or weird or deformed or had ever done anything to deserve the bullying. I was shy however and became very socially distant due to the bullying.

Some of more interesting stories include:

being chased down a road by a group of grade 12 kids when i was in grade 6 and beaten with wooden poles. Their police reported "reason" was because i was making fun of them, this is the first time i had ever seen this group befor and i didnt know a single persons name

Being ambushed walking down the hallway by a guy in grade 12 when i was again in grade 6, held up against a wall(i couldnt reach the ground) and used as a punching bag for 5 minutes, eventually another grade 12 student, who i still to this day dont know his name, came and saved me

Being hit from behind and having my face smashed into a metal water fountain, never found out who did it and nobody would say

having my bookbag stolen on multiple occasions and thrown out of the second or third floor windows of the school, this caused me to be late to classes and having my personal possessions smashed

Relentless mocking from people as i would sit alone eating lunch or just minding my own business

Being knocked off my bike going down a hill which caused me to scrape most of the skin off my right arm.

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I have no issues with darkness at all, infact i quite like them. Havent found a deadly descent i dont like actually.

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Gridning while in "Yello Tricky" mode until huge add 10k to your combo bonus, combined with 20x multipler is 200k per grind. I find this is the best to do, ie grind until huge than switch to a seperate grind

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Umm, the board designs arent really front and center so it might be a bit hard to identify the board

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Im down for anyone that wants to add me:

GT Life is Life

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Umm, the game is constantly/randomly crashing on me. First time i played, it crash as soon as i hit play. Second time i was flying between the baloons and it crashed...anyone else having issues?