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I am, then new job starts on wed. Good week

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I upgrade when there is a need/i have money. My c2d e6600 and gtx260 worked well until late last year with the release of battlefield. So at xmas i bought a gtx560 ti, and now ive got a i5 2500k, motherboard, 8gb of ram on the way(should be here next week sometime)

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@iam3green said:

IGN 9. it seems pretty good. the review got me thinking about buying the game now.

I don't doubt that the game will be quite good, but that IGN review is trash. It literally told me nothing about the game that I didn't already know from reading previews, and was extremely vague concerning important details, such as multiplayer restrictions, and how the music import feature works.

If those are the two features your most interested in....why are you playing this game again? Also the multiplayer restrictions have been gone over multiple times already in news posts or video's. Being able to import music or not into a game has 0% effect on a games quality for me atleast

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Going back through the old content recently(out of a job, good time to watch old things) ive noticed multiple quick looks that i have "memory" of but cant find

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Dragon Age 2

what he said. After Dragon Age Origins, a game i sunk over 100 hours into, this game made me die a little on the inside.

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Im not entirely sure your allowed to post about this here but anyways:

I think your highly over valuing your product. I dont know where you live, but in Canada, you can buy a new psp from EB for 80, or used for 60. And the games....unless theyre harder to find games like japanese RPG's, you might get 2-5$ for one. So to conclude, hold onto your system and wait on the vita. Having 80$ to put towards a 250$ dollar system with no games doesnt sound like a great deal

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@bonorbitz: The issue's with Batman:AC are game related and not driver related. No one can run it in DX11 mode without issues

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AndrewB, if your running a 8800gt, im gonna guess that your gonna be limited by your cpu heavily. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE what a bottle-necked cpu can cause. My PC for example is a e6600 overclocked to 3.3ghz(as far as it will oc stable) paired with a gtx 560 sc. In Battlefield 3 my CPU is running 100% utilization, but my gpu is only 30-40%. Your GPU is not gonna provide a boost when your cpu is holding it back.

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For me it has to be 6 way sanfransico rush 2049 full seat machines. Arcade by my house when i was younger had them and use to have tournamnets on them, most fun i had in an arcade ever and a real shame that there is not a good console port of the game (the n64 version was beyond awful, the dreamcast version was alot better but still had issues)

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No, the multiplayer is largely non-existent now and the single player campaign is not worth 5$