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How do you guys think an i7 920 oc 3.4 or 3.6 would perform? Rest of my system is fine.

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Just an update. Modified my build now to be focused on dex for weapon scaling. Fell in love with the Iaito for its bleed effect and upgraded it to +10 so far. Also rocking havells ring and the ring of favored protection that i cant take off. So i put on havells armor and i am loving the protection.

So im doing much better :)

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I just killed queelag and unlocked sen's fortress

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I like the longsword because of the long range stab.

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I have the astora straight sword, but dont have the stats to use it. also its damage is way lower.

Its just getting hard to level now. 10000 per point and maybe i should start over with a build in mind. I dunno just weighing my options i guess.

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I was thinking a faith build for divine weapons. I have been messing up my weapon upgrades because i thought divine would be stronger but turned out my plus 9 longsword was better. I was thinking if i started in on divine and used faith to up that damage that might work.

Should i just farm souls for a few hours and then fix my stats or restart?

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So first time through ds and i really think i screwed things up. I only have a longsword +9 and my stats are in the pic.

Just wondering if its time to restart or is there a respec mod? What are my options?

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Just wondering why giantbomb has not review this game. It's much much better than 3 and IMO the best ac yet.

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I want this stuff. Is the site up?

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This isnt fucking fair. You are not supposed to die on your godamned honeymoon. Not after the happiest day of your life..

God fucking damnit that makes me so fucking angry.