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@CaptStickybeard said:


Sorry, Leigh. Don't make your obnoxious drunkenness into a feminist issue--this sort of behavior is pretty universally reviled, regardless of sex. Case in point, Garnett Lee was often insufferable on 1up Yours whenever he had downed more than a few.

That being said, it's possible that your gender blew the response out of proportion. It's possible.

But I think it's more likely because you refused to let it go, continued to fan the flames by publicly defending your petulant behavior, and have tried to turn it into a feminist issue, which I think, is disrespectful to women. Keep in mind also that your appearance on the E3 Bombcast was most people's first and only exposure to your personality; it's not like you had built up years of goodwill with listeners like Garnett might have before he went on his own drunken tirades. Before the podcast, Jeff and crew knew Leigh Alexander, and this is important. It's not unlike how we're willing to forgive our belligerent pal out at the bars on Friday night because we know that, sans too much to drink, they're generally a good person. We didn't know Leigh Alexander, but after the podcast, we did, because of how you chose to express yourself.

I'm typically very sympathetic towards women's rights issues, but your defense is irresponsible. The lambasting of feminist issues as "whiny," "emotional," or "unsubstantiated" is surely annoying and harmful. However, using feminism as a shield to defend plainly genderless obnoxious behavior is equally bad because it undermines other valid feminist causes.

Angry Internet-dwellers are also obnoxious. However, it would have been in your best interest to simply apologize and leave it at that. But as I explained above, using this as a pedestal for feminism is tenuous at best.

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This is great. If you like stuff like this, you should check out Hideki Kamiya's responses to fans on Twitter.

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Enjoyed The Love Letter. Nice, evocative execution of a simple concept. It really captured the feeling of urgently trying to read something quickly while trying to hide it from other busybodies. The "hold to read" mechanic felt really appropriate, I thought. And of course, the conceit of having a secret admirer makes it a bit exciting. I kind of wish they had given you the option to run out the clock--basically reject your secret admirer. I also wish there were a few students with black hair roaming the hallways; it would have made it a bit suspenseful. That way, if they let the clock run out as you waited at the locker, you'd be waiting anxiously for somebody to stop.

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Haha, it looks like an iPhone with four buttons and a control stick glued on.

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So, what happened to the Internalympics?

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I agreed with the Eurogamer review. It's exactly how I felt about Uncharted 2. Like Simon's review stated, it's essentially the video game equivalent of a carnival ride--even though it's probably the best damn carnival ride ever.

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@sear said:

The website currently houses 43,222 photos taken by 3DS owners since its launch earlier this year, with nearly 50,000 photos in total.



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