After 7 years my GF is going to break up with me tomorrow morning

So...tomorrow is the day. My girlfriend will break up with me. I'm 100% sure.

To fully explain this situation i would be writing for the next two hours because 7 years dont just suddenly end without a long and complicated story and many mistakes on both sides. But i will try to hit the important parts:

It's been over a year after my last blog post and things havent quite turned out as i wanted... From the day we moved together things got harder and our whole relationship became a lot toughter. More fights, more arguments, but also inbetween more intimate and closer. I started to loose my need for "being alone" a whole lot and began to enjoy her close everyday company. It took some time and tears...but now it's seems it came to late.

Right from the start of us moving together i got pretty distand torwards her, cause i thought i was not ready. After the first few months, which were incredibly hard for her, she almost broke up with me in March. But i got my shit together and started to change...for her and our relationship. But like i said it seems like my efforts were too late.

I think she doesnt love me anymore. At least not enough to be together with me. Something broke in our relationship within the first 6 very hard months of us moving together: She cried often and i was too selfish and couldnt handle her sadness and needs. And now that i am like she always wanted me to be (her words) she cant fully commit to our relationship anymore. She is convinced i will change back to my old self as soon as she opens up again. And i cant do anything to show her that thats not gonna happen. The close i get to her and show her how much i love her, the more she moves away from me. But if i move away to leave her room, she starts to believe i'm back to my old self from the time we moved together.

My whole life is turned upside down right now. After 7 years she is almost gone and today i got a very good job offer after 3 years of unemployment that i need to move to another city for. And i cant even tell her about it and see her proud and happy face. I dont know what to do. I want this job but im scared to take this new and hard path without her by my side....

I really do love her, but i'm also very used to her and afraid to be alone...

And now i'm sitting here in our appartment, afraid to go to bed cause tomorrow she will come over (she is sleeping at her parents for a week now) because she wanted to talk for one last time.

Like last time i just wanted to get this of my chest. But last time i got so many good responses and feedback that i wanted to try this again.

Thanks to anyone who cares


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Moving together with my girlfriend...and being scared about that.

So... tomorrow is the day. I'm move together with my girlfriend.

After beeing in a relationship for over 6 years we finally decided that it is time. And i'm kinda scared... I'm living alone in my own appartment for 4 years and gotten used to some things that i think i have to give up. At least partially.

For example:

  • I do like to play alot of videogames in my free time. She dont. Shes more the "lets play a boardgame" or "lets go for a long walk" kinda type.
  • I love watching movies or series before going to bed (this includes alot of Giant Bomb Stuff). She also watches some tv from time to time...but far less than me....and she has certainly no interest in this Website :(
  • I'm also kind of a loner and need alot of time for myself. Thats because i'm used to this as a absolut certain way to relax myself from a stressful day or just chill. She feels hurt if i prefer to do something (as often as i do it now) on my own instead of her and cant quite understand how i can not relax as certain around her.

There are some other things that you could all summerize unter the Topic: "How much do i have to change to make that work, without giving up to much?"

We have a pretty good connection and we can talk about a lot of things including problems etc. But we both are also pretty stubborn which can lead to some long-lasting arguments. We're both used to see each other 3 days a week and if we have an argument we clear it quick cause otherwise this will be in the air until the nex time we see each other.

Is she the woman of my dreams? - No.

Do i love her? - Yes.

Will this work out when we live together? - I have no idea.

I want this to work, but not by all means.

And now i sit here in my apartment for my last night, all my stuff pack away in cardboard boxed and having these mixed feelings of excitement and fear about the things to come.

Just wanted to get this of my chest. Dont know if anyone will read this, but even writing this down helps my mind to feel a bit more relaxed about tomorrow.

Maybe i will write another blog if some weeks gone by.